Gadget Hackwrench is the super-genius mouse in Disney's Rescue Rangers. Her inventions, made mostly out of ordinary household objects, aid the Rescue Rangers in their fight against those who do wrong.

Gadget is also the love interest of Chip and Dale, who routinely climb over each other to be nice to her. This attraction is understandable, as she is quite the good-looking mouse babe. Gadget has also been popular among her human fans; she has quite a following of drooling fanboys on the Internet.

Personally, I feel her greatest mechanical accomplishment is the Ranger Wing -- How she got around the issues of weight and the energy density of common household batteries astonishes. The Ranger Plane is also quite interesting. It uses a helium balloon for lift, yet is even capable of flying without it, as has been seen in a couple of episodes. Her genius is unmatched, and without her, the Rescue Rangers would not have gotten out of quite a few binds.

I wonder who is smarter: Gadget Hackwrench or The Brain? The mind boggles.


Gadget Hackwrench is the super-smart inventor who created all of the Rescue Ranger's through the use of everything items that have been discarded. She also happens to the be the object of affection of both Chip 'n Dale in the show.

She was introduced into the series in the 3rd episode, "To the Rescue Part 3". Led by Monterey Jack, the other team members arrive at the home of Geegaw Hackrench an expert pilot, whom Monty was friends with and spent many adventures together. Upon arrival at Geegaw's home, (An old aircraft wreck.), Geegaw's daughter, Gadget, tells Monty and the other Rangers that Geegaw had "left her" more than a year ago. Subsequently, the other members ask if Gadget will join them which she does.

Gadget seems to have qute a following of admirers on the Internet. Some even go as far as analyzing her. But she is quite good-looking.


  • She's rather absent-minded.
  • She sucks at cooking (Apparently everything she cooks tastes like machine oil.).
  • She will ramble on and on about a specific subject.

  • Always has a pair of goggles on the top of her head.
  • Her train of thought will abruptly switch.
  • She can surf & juggle.

* Gadget Hackwrench is copyright the Walt Disney Company.

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