Everclear (1992- )

Everclear is currently, officially composed of three people:

Everclear has released 5 CDs so far:

Band History: Art Alexakis was raised in a dysfunctional environment. His parents divorced when he was five. He went to live with his mother and older brother in the projects. His older brother died of a heroin over-dose when Art was twelve. Art soon started using drugs also. He got his first guitar when he was a teenager. He fell deeper and deeper into drug addiction until his girlfriend also died of an overdose. Still addicted, Art nearly overdosed on cocaine himself. That really had an effect on Art and he swore off drugs and alchohol.

After Art had gone to college (Santa Monica and UCLA) and gotten married, he moved to San Francisco in 1987 and created his own label, Shindig Records. He also created a country/alternative band called "Colorfinger".

Art got divorced, Colorfinger broke up, and Shindig filed for bankruptcy. In 1991, Art moved to Portland, Oregon with his pregnant girlfriend. That is where he started Everclear consisting of himself, Craig Montoya, and Scott Cuthbert (on drums).

The band's first album (World of Noise) was released in 93 on Tim/Kerr Records. After the album was released, Cuthbert was replaced by Greg Eklund and Tim/Kerr Records was replaced by Capitol Records who signed Everclear in 94 and gave them complete creative control.

From then on they released Sparkle and Fade which included the hit single "Santa Monica" which, through airing on MTV, gained the band a lot of popularity. What surprised many Everclear fans though was that in it's first two albums, Everclear was really a grunge band, but in 1997 they released So Much For the Afterglow which was really a pop album. With that album, Everclear gained a lot of new fans but lost a few old ones. Everclear's next cd, Learning How To Smile seemed to be a lot like So Much For the Afterglow, but the following cd after that brought back a lot of old school fans with it's hard rock.

My Opinion: (Please excuse me if I lose myself) In my opinion, Everclear is the best band ever organised. I've truly enjoyed every single song that I've ever heard by them, and own all of their ablums and a few of their songs they've done for sound tracks. I really love the music they make but what really attracts me to Everclear is the lyrics. Some of their songs have made me (a full grown man) cry because of the heart-felt lyrics. Many bands talk about all the problems they had growing up poor, but Art really does know what it's like. He loves his daughter, his parents divorced, and he had a serious drug problem which he overcame and some how it really strikes a chord in me. Art has spoken out in front of congress about cracking down on domestic violence, which Art has witnessed personally. I just think Art Alexakis is a lyrical master, and he really knows what he is talking about.

Track Listings

World of Noise
1. Your Genius Hands
2. Sick and Tired
3. The Laughing World
4. Fire Maple Song
5. Pennsylvania Is...
6. Nervous and Weird
7. Malevolent
8. Sparkle
9. Trust Fund
10. Loser Makes Good
11. Invisible
12. Evergleam

Sparkle and Fade
1. Electra Made Me Blind
2. Heroin Girl
3. You Make Me Feel Like a Whore
4. Santa Monica
5. Summerland
6. Strawberry
7. Heartspark Dollarsign
8. The Twistinside
9. Her Brand New Skin
10. Nehalem
11. Queen of the Air
12. Pale Green Stars
13. Chemical Smile
14. My Sexual Life

So Much For the Afterglow
1. So Much For the Afterglow
2. Everything to Everyone
3. Ataraxia (media intro)
4. Normal Like You
5. I Will Buy You a New Life
6. Father of Mine
7. One Hit Wonder
8. El Distorto de Melodica
9. Amphetamine
10. White Men in Black Suits
11. Sunflowers
12. White I Don't Believe in God
13. Like a California King (plus "I Will Be Hating You for Christmas" as a bonus track)

Songs From An American Movie:
Vol. One: Learning How To Smile
1. Song from an American Movie
2. Here We Go Again
3. AM Radio
4. Brown Eyed Girl
5. Learning How to Smile
6. The Honeymoon Song
7. Now That It's Over
8. Thrift Store Chair
9. Otis Reading
10. Unemployed Boyfriend
11. Wonderful
12. Annabella's Song

Vol. Two: Good Time For a Bad Attitude
1. When It All Goes Wrong Again
2. Slide
3. Babytalk
4. Rock Star
5. Short Blonde Hair
6. Misery Whip
7. Out of My Depth
8. The Good Witch of the North
9. Halloween Americana
10. All F**ked Up
11. Overwhelming
12. Song from an American Movie pt. 2

Songs by Everclear, not on an Everclear cd:

Annabella's Song
Drunk Again
For Pete's Sake
Happy Hour
I'm On Your Time
Local God
Pacific Wonderland
Slow Motion Genius
The Swing
Sin City (AC/DC Cover)

Everclear is the most popular brand of grain alcohol sold in the United States. It is sold in two different concentrations, 190 (95% ethanol) proof, and 153 (76.5% ethanol) proof. Since 1980, it has been distilled and distributed by the David Sherman Corporation. Thanks to mirv for confirming that they distill it.

Grain alcohol is simply booze made from various types of grains, that has been distilled and redistilled until it is essentially just alcohol and water. As a result it is clear, and has no taste or odor other than that of pure ethanol.

Everclear seems to be most often used to make alcoholic Jell-O. It is also often mixed with Kool-Aid, fruit juice, and is used to soak fruit in, allowing the alcohol to permeate the fruit. Yummy! Apparently it should not be used with anything that contains cream, as it will curdle it.

Everclear is quite likely to be difficult to find. Most retail liquor stores won’t have it out on the floor. If they even carry it, you will probably have to ask them to grab it from the back or something. And then there is the minor factor that a lot of states have regulations barring the sale of such high-proof boozes.

It is illegal to sell Everclear in the following states:

You can find Everclear in the following states, however you might be able to only purchase the 153 proof version of the drink. In all other states I don’t have enough information about the availability. It doesn't seem to be widely distributed outside the United States, but I've heard of it being available in some places in Canada.

If you are going to be drinking Everclear, I really really suggest not drinking it straight. That concentration of alcohol can burn your throat, dissolving the mucous membrane. You really don’t want to have a throat that’s bleeding. Not to mention the fact that it's quite flammable.

mirv drank it straight once. He likened it to getting hit in the face with a 2x4, in that your face goes numb and you start drooling like mad. Sounds like a typical date of mine.

Of course, there is also the potency factor. Dear god, don’t drink this in the same quantities as you would other booze. I mean, it has 2.4 times as much ethanol per liter as vodka. Treat it carefully dear noders, I don’t want any of you dying of alcohol poisoning.

rootbeer277 says re Everclear: I checked with a liquor store here in Mississippi. As far as the woman who answered the phone knows, there is no such thing as 153 proof everclear. I don't know what that implies here. However they do stock the 190 proof version.

BookReader says re Everclear: On a side note, I have a friend who uses Everclear to remove varnish from his cello. This is the prime reason I don’t drink the stuff.

Most of my information was taken from the Everclear FAQ, written by someone identified only as AjD, ajd@itl.itd.umich.edu

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