The definition of alcohol poisoning given by bozon is an excellent one. It does not, however, really delve into what it feels like to be under the influence to this extreme. No response to shouting, pinching, prodding or poking is a very euphamistic perspective. You feel hyper detched from everything around you, whether it be your friends, your surroundings, or even an oncoming car. This is obviously at or below 0.40% blood alcohol content, yet at this point it becomes increasingly easy to drink more and more. Above this very little makes sense as you continue drinking. You can't even feel your hands beyond the fact that they are holding a glass of beer or spirits. Your breathing is at this point very laboured and even though you know the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, it doesn't really make sense to you. You wonder if maybe you ate something bad and get afraid, but you're so numb that you can't express it to anyone or even stop what you're doing. In a way it's almost as if your body takes over, leaving your mind trapped and alone inside of yourself.

To sum it up folks, it isn't much fun at this point, even if it's a very thin line between the euphoria and the fear. You won't necessarily always have friends there to turn you onto your side or help you. Take this advice; know when to stop.

Alcohol poisoning may be avoided by:

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