The keg push-up, as its name implies, owes its origins to the keg stand. The drinker plants both hands firmly on the rim of the keg and her elbows locked so her arms are straight, and several others hold her feet so she is parallel to the ground. With the keg tap in her mouth and active, the drinker swallows beer continually whilst executing a previously determined number of push-ups. These particular push-ups tend to be a little more difficult than most because:

  1. She is likely already intoxicated.
  2. So are the people holding her feet; she has no firm ground to plant the fulcrum of the push-up.
  3. She must keep an active keg tap in her mouth while pushing.
While the drinker is not vertical as in a normal keg stands, the added exertion while consuming alcohol produces a similarly elevated level of intoxication. This activity is arguably superior to a traditional keg stand, since the drinker gets a little exercise while polluting her body with alcohol.

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