Bacardi 151 is a variety of rum from your friends at Bacardi. What makes this rum special is that it is 75 percent ethanol (151 proof).

Bacardi 151 is a purely ruthless liquor. This is not a liquor that you want to ever drink straight. I tried this once and the sensations I felt went something like:

0.0 seconds : A shot glass of 151 is poured and sitting on counter waiting for me. Its evil, copper color shouts out simultaneously "I'm innocent!", "I'm tasty!", and "I'll fuck you up!"

1.0 seconds : I lift the shot glass to my mouth. The vapors begin to seep into my nostrils, embuing my senses with the essences of rum and ethanol.

3.0 seconds : I down the shot in one swift stroke.

3.5 seconds : I sense the warm, coppery taste of sweet rum.

4.0 seconds : That sense is snuffed out by my entire head exploding in a ball of fire.

6.0 seconds : My friends erupt laughing as my face begins to distort space-time.

It's at this point I decide that 151 really should be mixed with something.

As with any drinking, do it in moderation. 151 should not be toyed with, as it really is twice as potent as most regular liquors (150 vs 70-80 proof), and will sneak up on you and put you in the hospital. Stomach pumping is bad, mmkay?

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