A drinking game created by a group of my friends, including our token Jewish comrade, a dreidel, and a bottle of rum. While playing with the dreidel and realizing it's potential for reaching beyond the normal gambling enjoyment, "Dreidel Shots" was created.

All you need is a shot glass and a bottle of some hard alcohol (Bacardi 151 is the classic). Simply go around in a circle, each person spinning the dreidel. For each symbol, a certain amount of alcohol is consumed. If you spin a "nun", you take no shot. Sucks for you. Then the next person goes. If you spin a "hay", you take half a shot. Not too shabby. If you spin a "gimel", you take one shot. Well done. Now the clincher: if you happen to be lucky enough to spin a "shin", your lucky ass gets a double shot. Everyone goes in a circle, spinning once each, and getting drunk off their ass.

Last one to fall wins. If you don't know which symbol is which, ask your token Jew or just make it up. Mazel Tov, and Shalom!

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