In the Summer of 2001, the whorish Capitol Records decided that they could make more money by promoting this album more heavily than Volume 2, and so they decided to add bonus tracks from Volume 2 to this album.

They added two tracks, Rock Star and a remix of Out of My Depth. They also added an annoying sticker proclaiming these bonus tracks. This move was made entirely by Capitol Records, and not the band. The songs are completely out of place on the album, especially at the very end.

Some people have criticized the band for releasing two albums like they did, but there is a good reason. Following the tours for So Much For The Afterglow, the band agreed to take a break. Frontman Art Alexakis didn't particularly want to take a break, so he began writing material for a solo album to be entitled Arthur. The band really liked this material, so they decided to record it together, add some materiel, and make it an Everclear record. This turned into Volume 1. However, they also had some material that was more like their traditional sound, which became Volume 2.

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