Everclear's 5th album, this is the followup to Volume 1 from July 2000, this album, which was released in November of 2001, has a much harder edged sound than its counterpart. (The explanation for this difference is under my w/u under Volume 1)

The tracklist:

  1. When It All Goes Wrong Again
  2. Slide
  3. Babytalk
  4. Rock Star
  5. Short Blonde Hair
  6. Misery Whip
  7. Out of My Depth
  8. The Good Witch of the North
  9. Halloween Americana
  10. All Fucked Up
  11. Overwhelming
  12. Song From an American Movie pt. 2

This was the first Everclear album to feature a Parental Advisory Sticker, which it did because of the song All Fucked Up. This was a decision by Capitol Records, not the band, much like the bonus tracks on Volume 1. The following message was included in the lyrics booklet next to the lyrics for this song:

NOTE: For the first time on an Everclear album, we have been forced to include a "Parental Advisory" sticker on the outside packaging due to the use of so-called "profane" language in our songs. As our fans know, the tone and color of the language in many of Everclear's songs is dark and aggressive and, though it may be considered obscene by some, such language is realistic and true to my life experiences. In this context, I do not consider any of my lyrics obscene or objectionable. On the other hand, I fully understand and agree with putting "Parental Advisory" stickers on any record that a reasonable person might find objectionable or offensive. Being a parent myself, I appreciate being forewarned when material that my child may listen to is not appropriate for her age level. That said, sometimes the best way to describe events and situations which occur in this world is through the use of language which some parents may not deem appropriate for their children.

Art Alexakis

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