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After partially-redoing trikuare.cx last night as a style test, I went and completely redid my academic homepage (http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~joshagam/) today after writing a couple of scripts to format and stylize webpages in an automated way. I'll eventually get around to using the scripts to restylize my personal homepage. Yay.

I had a nice, difficult, intellectually-challenging midterm today, after waking up with a cold and quickly realizing that I'm sore all over from lifting weights yesterday. Bleck.

I watched Grosse Pointe Blank for the fourth or fifth time, had some really good Mexican food, bought some brand new shoes in an obnoxious trendy brand (DKNY--but they were comfy shoes and 75% off, so it doesn't matter), sent in my FAFSA, paid the rent, and spent quality time with my SO. And experienced serious fear, uncertainty, and doubt regarding graduate school and such, and am ending an otherwise very nice day with depression and free-floating anxiety. Ah, well.

I had my teeth cleaned by a dental assistant named Kathy who had disconcertingly perfect teeth. Then I went home, chilled with Y, watched a John Hughes movie, went to sleep, then went to work. No one bought me pie, not that I wanted some.

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