Walking home tonight, i stopped in at the toystore and played with the puppets with a couple of girls. Why is it that kids come in pairs: the one that desperately wants all of your attention, and the one you want to give it to? Eventually i escaped, without hurting anyone's feelings.
I stopped at the neighborhood packy and picked up a couple of bottles of wine. Except when i got to the counter, my wallet was empty. Embarassed, i took off for the ATM. When i got back, the friendly (Indian?) guy told lies about me to the homeless woman in line behind me (yeah, she goes to Smith). I noticed tonight that he is one of those people that calls everyone boss.
On the way home, i saw Andy; he'd been looking for me. Seems he'd moved out of the house and was working with mental patients now. He told me all about painting, because he REALLY wants to get together with me to work on it.
As of now, i am angry with my "boyfriend" and i've drunk one of the bottles of wine. (These could be related, i don't know.) He's passed out with old Warner Brothers cartoons blasting. Was it Emmylou Harris who said

It's all right, 'cause it's midnight, and i've got two more bottles of wine?

thus ends my first drunken node.

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