Hooray. Woke up at 8, the web server was up - and helpfully it told that the first lecture is at 10 o'clock. >=( Argh.


Read Usenet and such.

So what was the first lecture about? Oooo, we're gonna learn UML and other hairy crap I probably shun in favor of more informal design methods. =) Today it'll be late when I get home... but the end week of the week is kind of free.


Haha, some writeups are just cooler than some others... especially considering the last night's pr0n line commercials.

Gotta fly for a tutorial stuff soon. A la, "how to start Rational Rose through the advanced Windows NT 'Start menu' feature " - or something.


Well, it didn't turn out that nicely... =) It was even simpler: We didn't even touch the computers this time - we used pencil and paper. Yeah. That's how the great computer programs are often designed. (Of course, these days, I rather use Dia...)

And the reason I didn't use the computer was that it, um, didn't start at all. Pushed the power button in the NT class and lo - the row of computers stayed silent. =(

I had this weird idea... I like objects, even when I'm more inclined towards non-OO design. Just don't force me to use C++ for that before I've read that Stroustrup's book. =) So, I like objects, I think they're cool, but I won't use them much in my own programs.

Anyway, I thought of making an object of my own. In Java. One to hug and play with.

(Yes, I'm serious.)

I thought that the name "Code Pet" would be good for it. I thought of naming it "JavaMörkö" (Java Bogey), but then I noticed that umlauts would drop off and the class name would be JavaMorko - and Morko (without the umlauts) was the name of my highschool computer stuff teacher...

Ooookay, maybe this already sounds alarming =)


I'm home now again... and the CodePet has born!

class CodePet {
    private static void say(String what) {

    public static void main(String varg) {

And when i run it, it says:


Awwwww. It's so cute class, but as of yet untamed! I must tame it and teach it more tricks. =)


Hooray, A picture of mine is finally finished, colored and all:

OK, purists, feel free to whine... All comments about the picture are appreciated =)



Java stuff?

Coffee drinking on the roof of Timber Wolf?

I haven't had a single drop of coffee today. Maybe that's why I make this stuff...

Other day logs o' mine...

Nukerequested: International Brotherhood of Mercenaries, as stupid as boot, some others that had not been nuked when I had asked (pray for the work healthcare of the editors, folks - with nasties around, they might be stressed! =)

Noded today by y.t.: The Movie

I am still awake.

Since yesterday, my eyes have been open and I am still listening to the city outside my window. After walking around aimlessly earlier on, I am glad to be inside. I've got the lights off and the blinds wide open. I can hear sirens on the other side of the valley driving closer to the hospital not far from here. Bass from stereos fades in and out as carloads of partiers come home from clubland.

Soon, everything will be awake again.

I'm burning Nag Champa along with the midnight oil tonight, its aroma is calming. The wind is stirring the shrubs around my window and its a natural white nose. For once, I am relaxed.

I should really get some sleep.

It's 3:30 AM, and I just got home from work. I'm beginning to wonder if working retail is worth the discount. I came within a foot and a half of T-boning some idiot woman on the freeway today. Like most people on the 405, she didn't pay attention to the 4 sets of signs that told her the lane she was in was an offramp to the 101 freeway. So suddenly, she slams on her breaks, cuts across three lanes, and comes to a halt sideways, in my lane.

Thank god my brakes are in good shape.

The guy behind me flipped the stupid bitch off before I got the chance, so I just honked my horn as she crossed back onto the 405. To say I was shaken as I walked into my store would be an understatement. Thank god I had bought cigarettes today.

Late last night I finally found what I had lost.
Bahloo had been missing for a couple of days and I had been searching high and low for him. But I guess not high enough...

This morning I found one of my "lost" flyers posted on the garage roommate made a small addition:


Gray Cat

Answers to the

name Bahloo

(likes to hide in attics)

Please call


15:48 EET

I signed a new contract today.
This one is only in effect to the end of september, though. After that we'll check out the situation and decide about the future. The new deal isn't even as bad as I expected. No insane working hours and a somewhat-decent salary. I lost all that precious sleep last night for nothing.

The money is really welcome, though. A trip to Japan has been on my mind for months, but now I've started planning it for real. The journey will probably take place at autumn 2001, as long as I manage to save enough funds in this time. Not many details are planned as of yet, since there is a year (or more) to go. Getting a friend to travel along would be great, but my Nihon-enthusiast pals can't most likely afford the trip. I'm not sure about myself either, although it wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't such an impulsive spender. Maybe this will become a serious test of my self control.

Blah. I only got some 4.5 hours of sleep last night, so I decided to keep myself awake with some caffeine pills.
*bzzt* bad idea!
This buzz doesn't really make me want to work. It makes me want to run around the office and jump on walls.
Stimulants were never my thing.

More later, when I'm back home, off the evil legal narcotic and finished eating the long-awaited jambalaya.

Today's Writeups
Roland Juno-60

I have not done a day log in sometime, probably because my life is dull and pointless. Yes, I'm quite sure that is it. These last few days, have been boring, I'm kind of a homebody anyway, but moreso here as of late.

I ran into some of my old rodeo buds, a few days ago. They invited me to go to a Calgary rodeo sometime later this year, I told 'em I'd think about it. I told them that if I did go, I would want to do some exploring on my own up there. I've never been to Canada before, so this could be interesting.

I have made a little bitmore progress with my Linux box. I now have a CDROM in it that will read every once in a while.

Two tear'y eyed goodbyes in one morning, just a little bit too much for me I think but I'm holding on as of yet. I spent the weekend with the dreamiest human in the universe and now that he's left I can't help but feel.. empty? Lost, maybe.. gosh he's so amazing. I've never felt like that before.. pressed up against someone and feeling like there was nowhere else in the world that I should or might be, just right there smiling and cuddling, being.

I guess it will seem odd for a while (that is to say, until we're close again), the absence and the staring blankly at things in some semi-dreamy state wishing, longing for touch and lips, soft, sweet lips.

I'm so lame, though, really.. I'm so self conscious I don't know if he knew exactly how much though he managed to make me forget about it completely more than once. I just noticed that when I close my eyes I can see him smiling, so cute, so incredibly cute. (Ded sexie, even.)

So how long can I wear these clothes that have him all over them before they need washed? Hm..

I think my family likes him, too, so that's quite nice. Of course they didn't get to see or hear much from him all weekend I was being greedy.

My brother went back to college today, too.. that was the other tear'y eye goodbye. I'm thinking of going up to my room and sleeping a bit but I just don't know.. it won't be the same without him falling off one side and me squished up against him laughing at random for no apparent reason (I really had no reason most every time, I swear).

I think I didn't eat much this weekend, but I can't remember exactly, though it might account for the odd feeling of distance I have going on right now.

I'm developing a strong liking for all that is Pink Floyd, I think, but don't tell herb, he'll think he's swaying me from Vince Gill. (It's probably true, but can't let him have that satisfaction..shh.) heh I also like the stuff we were listening to last night but I can't remember what it was.. I'll write more about this later and in other places, I'm sure..

I woke up at 3 AM to a fever, sneezes, sore throat, and what seems like a solid mass of crap in my lungs.

I took my roommate to the airport (since his cab didn't show up!!!!) in my terrycloth bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

On the way home, I got pulled over because, apparently, I have a taillight out.

The cop took one look at me (I think I might have been snarling between sniffles, coughs, and sneezes) and just said "just get it fixed".

Men are the biggest babies when they're sick. I just want someone to bring me some milk and cookies and rub Vapo-Rub on my chest.

I should be in bed, but the gravitational pull of E2 is too great. This is sick in itself.

I saw in my local paper this morning that there's an election tomorrow. I did an hour or two of research on the web, and have decided who deserves my vote in most of the elections. Read on to see who and why...

US Senator: Two of the candidates are centrists who seem to like the War on Drugs, but fortunately one candidate is against it: David B. Higginbottom, who gets my vote.

Commissioner of Education: George Sheldon has endorsements from most of the teachers' unions, so I'll vote for him.

State Attorney: This is the race I haven't figured out at all yet. Jonathan Alpert had a lawsuit filed against him for throwing a 20 oz cup of coffee at another lawyer during mediation. Robert Shimberg hung around with Harry Lee Coe and has been accused of playing fast and loose with the Government in the Sunshine Law about public meetings. The aggressive asshole or the corrupt crony? It's tough to decide. Either way I'll have to hold my nose.

Circuit Court: David Dee has worked for polluters for years and even filed suit against a local county for refusing to allow a new landfill. He can burn in hell and is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. I couldn't find much about Ellen Ware and Leland Anne Baldwin. Robert A. Foster, Jr. has some really scary friends at, but as loopy as their website is, they seem to have the same concerns as I do. Foster's campaign site even lists what looks like a personal e-mail address. I'll probably vote for him.

County Court Judge: Nick Nazaretian's omnipresent campaign signs make me suspicious of his war chest, and his personal statement mentions his three dogs. Why would I vote for a dog person? He also says: I have obtained Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar. This means the Florida Bar has recognized me as an "expert" in the area of Criminal Trial Law. Not only does it not mean that, but the "extra" quotes don't make him "look" like an "expert" in English, "either". Both Ann Ober and Carol C. Rodriguez have been active in domestic violence prevention, and I'm tempted to give my vote to a third-generation Floridian and fellow Hispanic, but what really impresses me about Ann Ober, despite her involvement in the Just Say No parade, is that she doesn't mention her family at all. I don't know why someone's spouse has anything to do with it anyway. Still, Rodriguez is a local... I'm not sure how I'll vote.

School Board: Jack Lamb and Sharon Danaher both appear to be thoughtful, sincere, and qualified. Danaher has experience on the school board and is endorsed by the the county teachers' association, so I'll vote for her.

Oh, and later today I think I'll put away some laundry and take out the trash. Maybe watch Being There with Segnbora-t and tregoweth, if they're up for it.

Went up to see the kidz in the apartments up the street after dinner last night, find out what was up; I'd felt that strange buzz in the air when you know something's gonna happen. They were all there having drinks and talking about going out later...for dancing...something I've done a heck of a lot of in my short and blessed life, but not lately.

I haven't danced for almost two years. Used to go out daily (nightly?) when I lived in London but upon my return to Toronto in 1998 I quit hard drugs (ie. class a's - I still enjoy the odd herbal jazz cigarette) and avoided all enticements to do drugs. Ever since, I've felt there was something missing...always thought it was the drugs, and beat myself up about this something fierce.

Now I know. It was the dancing.

I love dancing. I love, love, love, dancing so hard and for so long I think my legs will give out. The English are pros at this. I got my start in this scene in Koh Phan-gan, Thailand, at a resort called Bottle Beach...the original inspiration for the (decent) novel and (atrocious) movie, The Beach. I was there around the same time author Alex Garland was there - 1995-96 or so - but never met him. Every night some amateur dj would spin and everyone would just get silly till we all fell down, 5 a.m. - sunrise. It became part of me then, I think.

Provisional leader for the evening was gorgeous Tyler, gayboy M.A.C. counter worker; his roommate Meghan, the epitome of the ditzy blonde; Jo the RMT and myself. These kids are not what I would call "good" friends, though I suppose there's a latent clique there if I wanted it - not sure, however, how well I'd get along with a crew who can't pronounce "Curacao" or know what labour day is for, never mind god knows what else they don't know. Friendly as all get-out, yes; stimulating conversation, no.

Didn't really matter since the club Tyler took us to was, as per usual, too loud to talk. Typical place, really - undifferentiated house music and shirt-lifting gayboys, mainly of the muscle mary variety. Gay clubs are great for straight girls who aren't into going out dancing to meet men. You get lots of "you're so gorgeous, honey", with none of the get yer dick wet ulterior motive.

We were all drunk as skunks at the beginning but as soon as we were inside I started pounding the caffeine drinks back to pre-empt any urge I might have to do something harder. By the end of the night I'd been offered coke, e, and crystal - the final one kind of freaked me out, thinking how not too long ago I would have actually paid to get near that SHIT. The caffeine drinks (think they were called "Generation"; kind of tasty in a strawberry-sweet energy bev kind of way), very happily, did the trick.

So I danced, and I danced, and I danced. I feel GREAT today, and now I can say I did something this weekend, which makes feeling great even more sweet.

Oh yes. Ponytail, leopard-print slip with red straps, black knee-high boots.
That's all.

I was driving home from work yesterday, and for some God-knows reason I decided to take Lakewood, thinking it would be faster than James due to the lack of stop signs. I was sadly mistaken.

From the start, I was stuck behind a Chrysler going ten under the speed limit. That in and of itself would be more than frustrating enough for someone with my lack of patience. But not only were they incredibly slow, but whenever so much as a leaf blew across the road, they slammed on their brakes and slowed down to a mere crawl, even compared to the speed they had been going. Now, that is slow. I’m all for going the speed limit when necessary, but there is no excuse for going anything less. Especially on a busy road. I would understand if they were looking for something, but obviously they weren’t (as will be explained in a moment).

I turned my blinker on to turn down 168th, glad to finally be rid of them. At least, I thought I’d be rid of them. They turned as well, without using a blinker. I was tempted to shout obscenities, but instead I just turned my music up.

I slowed down to turn onto my street, blinker blinking as always. Guess who turned as well? They must have thought to save their car battery or something, because once again they used no signal. I hate it when people don’t think I’m worth a few blinks. I have feelings. Dejected, I continued home. The Chrysler was still in front of me. They were still braking more often than accelerating. And then I recognized the car; “they” were my neighbors who had yelled at me a few weeks ago for letting my dog walk in their yard. There was no excrement deposited anywhere, and poor Gus the bulldog was yelled at almost as much as I was. Well, I guess they got their revenge on me. I was pissed off for the rest of the day.

Well, my brother had orthoscopic surgery on his knee, so he's been in for the past two days or so, so I took him out today. I just took him uptown and paid for us to play some racing games at the arcade. It was funny because he couldn't use the clutch, haha. We had fun though.

More expected later...

UFS - Unidentified Flying Shit

A story SO bizarre that you would have to see it to believe it..

I was driving back from Softpro Books, in Marlboro, with my roomate Ivan256, on US Rt-20. We were about 1 mile away from the entrance to I-495, when suddenly, and inexplicably, my car was covered in shit.
Yes, shit. From bumper to bumper, randomly, impossibly, out of nowhere, it just appeared, and splattered. Fighting the urge to yuke, I held down the windshield washer until I could see again, then we tried to deduce how this foul-smelling deed occured.

Deductive Reasoning: The nearest vehicle was 50 yards past us, travelling the other direction, making it highly unlikely that it came from them. It hit from the front, so it wasn't the car behind us. We couldn't see the sky, at all, though, and we weren't about to open the windows while the car was covered in that.. stuff. So here were our theories.

  • An airplane emptied its sewage tanks - We surmised that most of it would have evaporated before reaching us, so this was no good..
  • A sewage pipe burst in the road before us - We didn't see any open manholes, or any other place it could have come from...
  • Martin suggested that it might have been a muck spreader, but we were in the middle of commercialized highway area, near hotels and such, not near any farms at all..
  • A flock of birds simultaneously emptied their bowels. This seems the most likely of all the theories, although I wasn't aware that fowl could be up to such foul play.
  • If any of you have an unsolved mystery, such as this, or any clues to solve this nasty tale, please /msg me!

    This was a true story. It happened today. Afterwards, we hightailed it to the nearest car wash, and pumped the thing with quarters in an attempt to wash it off... eww.

    I awoke this morning to the sound of my neighbors using the bathroom. I tired to get back to sleep but discovered that I couldn’t the sun, that evil day star, was up. After a quick shower with no cold water. I got online and started noding. I noded a dream log and a getting to know you node called things I am ashamed of. My roommate Cid Highwind, got up and as far as I could tell ready to head off to class. Then said “I’m not going to class till I’ve had my tea.“ That man is obsessed with his tea. Not that I blame him. We all need a shot of caffeine in the morning. I had to spend a good part of the morning working on my homework that I put off doing this weekend. I had a program to write that tests the speed of a bunch of different algorithms.

    Me and my roommate made our daily mile walk to get food. Only to discover a line that would take an hour to wait in.

    We left and I went to go work out with a friend. I learned that while 35 pounds may not sound like a lot. When all of a sudden you have to hold that up it seems to be a lot heaver than it is. After we worked out I had some dinner, nice fried chicken tenders. I figure I just worked out I’ve earned it. I am currently and planning on spending tonight reading and noding.

    I got another one of my friends lain I think to sign up and start noding. It seems that she heard me talk about this place so much that she just had to find out for herself what it was all about. I found out that is still down. How am I suppose to surf the local network for files if his search engine is down.

    Read Ender02's writeup above if this doesn't make sense

    For the record, I'd just like to state that I'm not addicted to my tea, I can quit anytime.
    previous | next

    I spent the very first hours of this day listening to other peoples problems.
    Very educational stuff, listening. Of course, now I feel like absolute shite, mostly because I'm ashamed of feeling so badly when my problems are so small in comparison to everyone else's. It's kinda circular.

    I'm listening to Portishead right now. Only You. It's hitting home, and hitting rather hard. Right in the middle of my chest. Y'know, the part that feels empty.

    Tomorrow is my last day before school starts, but I don't think I'm ready. I've got a whole bunch of bullshit to go through.. registration mostly. I've got to stand in a long line and wait my turn to hand over money that doesn't belong to me.

    Sign the social contract, they said.

    Hopefully me and an entourage will walk tomorrow. I really need a nice long walk.

    Today's music selection:

    Skunk Anansie - Post Orgasmic Chill
    Bjork - Homogenic
    Cat Power - What Would The Community Think
    Portishead - Portishead
    Beck - Mutations
    Queen - A Night At The Opera
    The longing for companionship that I've managed to repress for God knows how long resurfaced today and hit me hard.

    It's odd, most of the time I can easily convince myself that I'm happy being alone. But once in a great while, I get this feeling I'm not quite sure I can explain. The best way I can describe it is to say that it's the emotional equivalent of a desperate gasp for air.

    When I get like this, I realize that I actually do fear being alone, but I fear getting hurt even more.

    My last relationship was over two years ago. It was a long-distance relationship that fizzled quickly. I was dumped rather suddenly and unceremoniously. For a while after that, I carried around a lot of bitterness and anger that tainted my view of the world. It's an experience I'd rather not repeat.

    Of course, I'll take the easy way out again. I'll just try fighting these yearnings until I've forgotten them, and go about my life, blissfully oblivious to the fact that they'll come back again.

    Dammit, I really need to grow a pair.

    i have never had feelings this deeply for someone ever ever before... not even sure what to do with them.. they just float around in little clouds and everything comes back to you........gosh i love you.

    while i'm quite saddened by our (hopefully brief) separation, i'm so beyond optimistic to our future that i'm permanently smiled.

    while i dont think ill be listening to him anytime soon.. i'll still think of you anytime he's mentioned
    the words.. they part my brain.. click

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    I wanted to visit my sister over Labor Day weekend. A short visit. Catch up a little. So on the way up, my fine automobile decides she will make the trip interesting. She blows her little spark plug. She blows it so hard it dents my hood! we are stuck in a field of windmills.

    So we call for a tow truck. We are over an hour from my sister’s house and her husband is kind enough to come and get us. At the tow truck's shop we get our questions answered: Can you fix it? Yes. Can you fix it today? No. How much will it be? Prolly 700 bucks. Will you buy the thing? Yes. How much? 300 bucks. What's the car worth? 1500 bucks. *sigh*

    So here we are. We leave the car with instructions to call with an estimate. We are reckoning we will sell it. In the meantime, we're stuck 400 miles from home.

    So we are taken to the sister’s house to unwind a bit. Her children sure are great. We all talk and play and eat and we sleep like logs that night.

    Next day we try to find a car to rent. Holiday. There are none to be had. It's come to the final option. We will buy a new car. We've been discussing this for some time so it's not such a big deal. So we go and we find what we want and we buy it. YAY!

    The rest of the weekend is fun, if short. The car business has taken up most of the time so we have a nice evening and go home the next morning. It's a lovely drive, smooth... until...

    A man drives next to us, honking. The car is smoking. A lot. We pull over again and open the hood. There issmoke and a bad smell and a belt is missing. it's weird, but we are sick of this crap and we get in and drive home anyway. Next day the car dies for good a block away from the neighborhood dealership.

    The A/C compressor had frozen up. A freak malfunction and it was fixed within a week. We got a loaner car and everything is okay now. Except I have this nagging need to visit my sister...

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