To*geth"er (?), adv. [OE. togedere, togidere, AS. togaedere, togaedre, togadere; to to + gador together. 29. See To, prep., and Gather.]


In company or association with respect to place or time; as, to live together in one house; to live together in the same age; they walked together to the town.

Soldiers can never stand idle long together. Landor.


In or into union; into junction; as, to sew, knit, or fasten two things together; to mix things together.

The king joined humanity and policy together. Bacon.


In concert; with mutual cooperation; as, the allies made war upon France together.

Together with, in union with; in company or mixture with; along with.

Take the bad together with the good. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

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