I hadn't talked to Jan for a couple years and made a ‘phone call. I said, "Hi, I was thinking of you!" Jan replied, "Hey! Why don't you come over? I'll be out in the pool."

I pictured Jan in the swimming pool and said, "OK".

Little did I know.

I got to Jan's house in the early afternoon and rang the bell. I tried knocking on the door, and finally wandered through the gate into the back yard. I saw Jan cleaning a quarter-full pool, covered with ugly green algae. On the other hand, Jan, in the pool, was uncovered, except for some green goo.

Jan laughed and said, "Hey! I'm glad you showed up. Stop staring! -- Come help me out here."

At this point there was no stopping. The pool badly needed cleaning. There was no point in getting clothes dirty. So, I joined in the nakedness. We spent an hour slipping around in the goo, scrubbing the pool.

Jan re-started the pump to complete draining the pool, while I sprayed it down a little more.

We took turns spraying each other clean. Small rainbows formed in the sunshine. We couldn't stop laughing. Later, Jan brought out some towels, and we got dressed. After all the activity, we went in the kitchen and made a couple of turkey sandwiches.

While eating the sandwiches together, I think we both felt suddenly alone.

Jan said, "Thanks for helping me. I'm sorry, but I have to go. I've got a hair appointment." We walked out to the driveway. She gave me a worried look and said, "Call me?"

I called Jan back a few days later and asked, "How's the pool? Did you get it filled?" She replied, "Yeah! I'm having a pool party Saturday, will you come?"

I pictured Jan in the swimming pool and said, "I'll think about it, and let you know".

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