Such a treat. It's a day or two after Thanksgiving, and not only do you have turkey, but you have all the other stuff: stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (with the onion thingies!@). Pull it all out of the fridge. Even the green beans (especially the green beans!).

Any bread will do, my favourite is dense white or wheat bread. Spread cold mashed potatoes on one slice. Spread stuffing on the other (if it's too dry to stick, glue it with the gravy). Dallop and smoosh the green bean casserole into the mashed potatoes. If you didn't glue the stuffing in with gravy, drizzle some gravy on to the stuffing. Put in some turkey (breast is best). Salt and pepper to taste. Put it together. Get ready for real Thanksgiving glory.

Eat it cold or nuke it until the center is warm (though if you warm it, best to use a knife and fork).

I love this sandwich more than I love Thanksgiving dinner.

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