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A metric used on Everything's Best Users. Equals 'devotion' (see below) divided by the number of days since becoming a user.
When a user deletes all of their writeups because of disenchantment with the the E2 community or administration.
A way of creating nodes using computer automation with minimal human intervention. Examples are Webster 1913 and the Jargon File. Autonoding is generally frowned upon if used by the general user base, but it is used occasionally by the gods. If you have questions concerning using your computer to generate nodes, refer them to a god.
Autovoting is using a script or program to cast votes for you. These are HIGHLY FROWNED UPON and should not be used. The point of voting is to give your personal feedback on each individual writeup.
Each writeup has a box where you can type a message to the author regarding their writeup. "Blab!" is the button which submits these messages once you have typed them. This automatically prefixes your message sent with "Re: writeup title". If you have votes available, this button is marked "vote!" instead.
If one of the gods catches you doing something exceptional to improve a part of Everything2, they can "bless" you with GP, which is recorded at Golden Trinkets.
Blockstackers Intergalactic LLC
The original parent company behind Everything2.
Verb. When a user is borged by a god, they lose the ability to use the Chatterbox for a finite period of time. Times range from a few minutes to many hours. This power is rarely exercised, but is reserved for cases where users are being exceptionally disruptive.
Short for "robot". A piece of code that performs a function. On E2, this usually means a special user account under the control of the gods.
Short for Cool.
Short for Chatterbox.
'Channel operators', users charged with keeping the Chatterbox from getting too unfriendly.
A nodelet that simulates a chat client so that online users can talk to each other. Users may turn it off in their nodelet settings.
Slang for Cool.
Content Editor
The under-appreciated yet vital group of users who help to clean up the mess left by trolls and fools. Duties range from suggesting spelling error corrections to nuking sub-standard writeups. This position is voluntary, and requires long hours with no pay. The rewards are knowing you're actually making a difference in maintaining the quality on E2.
Users of Level 4 or above have the ability to Cool (C!) a writeup they deem exceptional. This results in the name of the writeup being displayed on the front page of the website and the Cool Archive, and the author gaining 20XP. An Editor Cool is different, applying to a whole E2 node which gets added to the Page of Cool.
Cool Archive
The page that displays all the Cooled writeups.
Cool Man Eddie
A bot that tells you when a writeup of yours gets Cooled or Editor Cooled.
Cream of the Cool
A section of the front page which displays the four most recently Cooled writeups having a reputation between 17 and 25 inclusive.
A node whose title is a date, e.g. November 13, 1999. Daylogs form a free-form diary of life events and a place to add any other writing which doesn't fit in elsewhere on the site. These tend to receive heavy voting. They are listed in the Log Archive.
A metric used on Everything's Best Users. Derived by multiplying a user's merit by the total number of writeups they have written.
Before being published, writeups are created as drafts. A draft is the place to write and improve your work in anticipation of its big d├ębut. Removing a writeup returns it to draft status. Especially bold users level 1 and higher may forego a draft and publish directly to a writeup.
Short for Everything2.
A bot that frequently shows up in the Chatterbox. Mostly harmless.
Short for Everything's Best Users.
Short for Everything Death Borg.
Editor Cool
Content Editors have the power to give an entire node an Editor Cool if it is an exceptional example of Everything2's content. These confer no XP gain but are much more prestigious. An Ed-Cooled writeup is held up as an example of good noding technique to everybody else.
A command in the Chatterbox used in the form "/egg User Name" that will give the target +3 GP. This command is only available if you have an Easter Egg, which may be purchased in the E2 Gift Shop once you have reached level 7, or won through the Wheel of Surprise. Eggs can also be used with other chatterbox commands that function in the same way, and these commands might be referred to as 'egging' as well.
Everything Death Borg
A bot under the control of the chanops, which occasionally borgs unruly users.
Everything User Search
Provides a list of all the writeups of a given user.
firm link
A link placed at the top of a node by a Content Editor, to redirect readers.
Short for factual writeup. Refers to a writeup which covers actual real facts, as opposed to, say, fiction or poetry. Recipes, rants and reviews are all factual.
"Flooding" the New Writeups list is frowned upon by other users. Generally, the suggestion is that you should have no more than three writeups in that list at any time. Others should be postponed, or posted hidden.
Getting To Know You
A type of node the purpose of whose existence is to give limited information about someone's opinion or life. They are usually in the form of a question, such as "How many people have you had sex with?" They are subjective nodes, likely to accumulate large numbers of low-content writeups, and have been frowned upon since the early years of the site; they are subject to deletion.
A person who helps to maintain Everything2. They have the power to perform tasks needed to help the system maintain its reliability and cohesion. An admin by any other name.
GP is a kind of virtual currency on E2, which can be used to purchase things at the E2 Gift Shop. GP can be earned by voting (1/3 chance per vote), being blessed by an administrator, participating in quests and contests, getting egged by other users in the chatterbox, and possibly other ways as well.
See Getting To Know You.
hard link
A link created in a writeup by placing square brackets around a word, sentence or phrase. Clicking the link automatically enacts a search for the phrase clicked. See Links on Everything2.
home node
A node associated with a single user. Everybody has a home node, including you. Home nodes cannot be deleted.
Short for Home Node
A bot. Used to distribute messages about deleted writeups; now retired. See Writeup deletion.
Your level is based on your XP and the number of writeups you have contributed. More powers are granted as you ascend. In particular, new users start at level 0, at level 1 you can vote, and at level 4 you can Cool other nodes.
Merit is an E2 metric used to assess how good a noder you are. The higher your merit, the faster you will gain levels. Merit is calculated by comparing the interquartile mean of the reputation of your writeups and comparing it with the IQM of E2 as a whole. See Honor Roll.
Metanodes are basically giant lists of nodes on a specific topic. Metanodes are allowed on E2, provided they are well-maintained, but adding the term "metanode" to a node title is considered a faux-pas, something to be avoided.
Verb. To namespace a node is to put unnecessary information in the title. Most often associated with song lyrics: an example of namespacing would be titling a node "The Beatles - Hold My Hand" as opposed to simply "Hold My Hand". This is almost always a bad idea. Put stuff where it goes.
Every individual page on Everything2 is a node - including the front page, homenodes, superdocs, regular writeups, nodelets and all special pages. Each node has a unique title. When people talk about 'nodes' without specifying what kind, they often mean what's technically called an e2nodes - the kind of nodes which can hold writeups underneath. "Node" is also a verb, meaning "to create nodes". Compare writeup.
node audit
Going through all of a user's writeups, voting and commenting on each one in turn.
Slang term for all the content on E2.
Any of about 20 small nodes which you can configure to appear in the sidebar of your E2 window. Prominent examples are the Chatterbox, Vitals (containing important links), and Epicenter.
A person who creates nodes. More broadly, a registered user of Everything2.
The anniversary of the date that someone became a registered user of Everything2.
The percentage of nodes that you wrote, compared to all the nodes in the database.
A normal node consisting only of a title, but no writeups.
nodeshell rescue
Adding information to an empty nodeshell, turning it into a worthy node.
Node advertising. Talking up one of your own nodes in the Chatterbox to get it noticed. This is a faux pas and you should be prepared for consequences.
Verb. Means having a writeup removed from the database.
Page of Cool
The page that displays all the Editor Cooled writeups.
pipe link
Allows you to re-direct a link. As an example, examine this link: Love. This was made using Love. This is a good way to add hidden commentary, humor, or even better information for your own writeups.
Writing competitions based around a theme. Participants are rewarded with GP. See Everything2 Quests and Contests.
The sum of votes on a writeup.
soft link
You create a "soft link" in a writeup by navigating from that writeup to another nodem by following hard links, or by using the "Search" field at the top of the page. Soft links are displayed below the node. They work like footprints; the deeper ones are displayed most prominently.
soft lock
A node can be locked so that no further writeups are allowed - see a Content Editor if you wish to add a writeup to these nodes.
A special type of node which is not part of the database proper. Superdocs cannot contain writeups or soft links, but may contain otherwise-forbidden HTML tags, and Perl code. Superdocs can only be edited by certain users, and access to some of them is restricted. The home nodes for the gods also act like superdocs.
A way of telling somebody "I like this writeup" or "I don't like this writeup". All noders of level 1 and up can vote.
An individual user's piece of work. Many writeups may be put in the same node.
Webster 1913
An out-of-copyright dictionary of about 100,000 English words that was autonoded.
Word Galaxy
Nate's Word Galaxy Generator ( is a Javascript toy which appears when Everything2 is otherwise unavailable.
Short for writeup
Experience Points. An abstract number which illustrates, roughly, how "well" you are doing within E2. XP is gained by noding and receiving upvotes or C!s.
XP whore
One who does anything to gain XP.
XP stoic
One who does not particularly care about gaining or losing XP. This is the preferred attitude on E2.

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