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Today was a very interesting day. I got my Linux box upgraded so I can use X on it properly. Now, if I can only figure out why my backspacekey doesn't work in Netscape, but works fine in xterms... Having to hit Shift left arrow to highlight the previous character in order to erase it is mondo annoying...

the moon such a sliver I almost missed it

two planes blinking toward each other until they drew an invisible X

the sky blue & purple and one slash of hard orange across the middle, unbearably harsh in all that softness, like a scar on a woman’s thigh

oatmeal cookies and David Duchovny, try not to think he is cute when he is being sad, doesn’t seem right.

I think I came upon some sort of revelation today. For one brief flicker of a moment I understood everything. I saw my essence, and the essence of those around me. I knew everything that mattered to me. And then it was gone. I retained the feeling of understanding, and the memory of knowing, but lost the essence. Maybe it was just a halucination. The same retention powers of a dream.

Perhaps I'm just crazy. For a moment though, I really did feel more whole than I have before. Normally I feel whole, but it was like an entire new world of sensation was open to me. I don't know what stirred these feelings, but they have not left me feeling empty inside. Though... there is some odd sort of lack. Like something missing that you don't quite know what it is.

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