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To add a little insanity to the world. Life is boring without it!
UNIX, cats, insanity, furriness...
FIU - May not be very well known but KICKS ASS!
Hakuna Matata! (why not?)
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A UNIX System Administrator at Florida International University who is obsessed with cats and just happens to be a lynx.

On the Internet, no one knows you're a lynxie. Unless they see your computer and notice all the fluff stuck in the keyboard. Then they start getting suspicious.

This particular lynxie hails from Miami, FL, home of sunshine, rain, Cubans, and cool beaches that he visits rarely because he's so jaded about them. He does go boating with friends now and then, though. So nyah.

Anyway, enjoy his nodes and insanity. For it is straight from the heart.