A large (~30,000 enrolled students) University in Miami, FL. Part of the Florida state university system, it is primarily a commuter school but offers dorms for out of town students as well. Much befitting to its name, FIU's student body is very multi-cultural, with many foreign exchange students, especially in the computer science and engineering graduate programs.
Having lived in Miami all my life, my experience at FIU has been that of a commuter student. I graduated with a BA degree in Computer Science there, and am still there, working full time.

One thing I have noticed about FIU is the fact that students don't seem to want to get involved in anything outside of classes. Other universities have thriving computing clubs, Linux user groups; some even have gaming clubs were people get together and play networked games on the weekends. Very little of this at FIU, though. Perhaps it's the nature of a commuter school to be like this; people just want to take their classes and go home. More power to them, I suppose...

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