7Ghent's 20th birthday. Wow. I'm old, sorta. I'm at that maddening age where you're no longer a teenager, yet not old enough to get in to nightclubs, ect. At least in the U.S. *sigh*

20 -just generally depressing too- here am I, in college, the supposed "best time of one's life", and I'm writing self-pity nodes late at night.
Life is a hollow lie.

Work was boring. Had to compile am-utils. It won't build properly on Solaris for some reason. Then more important assignments came in. How annoying. At least it built under Linux properly. Database class sucked. Talking about Relational Databases. Then I went home and watched Sailor Moon, and degaussed my monitor because it had a big dark splotch on it from when I brought the magnet too close. I built a homemade degausser from what used to be an old fire alarm and an source of AC current. It's fixed now, though.

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