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This @#%$! coffee is failing to do a damn thing for me; somebody has absconded with the caffeine content, methinks. I'm a Night Person who has to go to great lengths for sustained lucid thought before the Wee Small Hours.

Need to get things done. (/me laughs at self for even thinking that possible). Must consider a cheap Sweet Spot of hardware and software compatibilities that will work with Csound, jmax, a Linux/Windows box, and, possibly, a Linux/BSD box, plus compatibility with 20/24-bit audio filetypes in Mac and Windows. Since this moving target (or holy grail?) will take eons to resolve, I might as well start dreaming now.

If you get e-mail from me, berating you for perpetuating the Everything jessicapierce bug revisited, it's a sign that I like your nodes well enough to care about me me me and my need to see it look right in Linux situations. So stop sulking, all of you!

I hear a howlin', and it's doin' somethin' awful to me. But a good awful.

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