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Forgotten, I will celebrate.
This day is not remembered by a soul,
besides my parents and my self. None really care

Born this day to life,
These 15 years ago. Love?
No one cares for me.

If my life is good for your own,
Why do you not remember my birthday?
Not take the time to look me in the eyes and say,

"Thank you for being.
You've sprinkled joy on my life
as snow on forest."

This day, my soul got on the road,
Finding the way among the flowers and stones.
I sit and cry, i jump and shout the trials gone by.

Your mountain of life
has no cares in the whole world:
here, no interest finds.

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Today was a nifty day. I found the exact spot to glue a magnet to to make the purity problems on my monitor go away. Well, mostly. They're still there, but not as bad as before. Here I now sit, listening to TMBG (Flood, if you're curious), noding along quite happily. Everything 2 rocks. Thanks to everyone involved in creating it. Ya'll rock.
Other than that, not much else has happened. Database class was boring. Work was boring too. RAC must be the most annoying software installation ever conconcted.

Got up, made a billion cookies, changed my outgoing message, wrote personal messages on a billion valentines, went to Borders, distributed the valentines among mailboxes, left the cookies on the breakroom table with a sign that said to enjoy them but don't be a pig about it, used up the rest of my house account book credit money on sock monkey kits and dinosaur stickers, came home and lit up a big fat joint at the same time I ordinarily would have been just getting in to work.

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