The end of which millennium? Jewish people are in the year 56xx that is no end of millenium, nor even decade.
Some other cultures are in other years.
For the catholic religion it also unknown whether Christ was really born on the year 1, because in those days the had another calendar, and once a Pope decide that Jesus had been born on that year.

Not only the first day of the third millennium, January 1, 2001 is also the first day of the 21st century and the 201st decade, as well as the second year of the naughties.

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2001: A Nodegel Odyssey
"Hey, Nate, what are you doing?" - EDB

2001. The year always used in sci-fi prior to the 90s. As a little kid the year 2001 seemed so very distant. During the Olympic Games at Atlanta when they were talking about the next ones in Sydney, the year 2000 still seemed so far away. 21 was a big number, and I figured I'd be a completely different person - an independent adult with a life? - at this point. While there has definitely been both intellectual and spiritual growth, it has been gradual, not as dramatic my teen mind expected back then. At this point I realize I will stay basicially the same person for the rest of my life. I will become a better person, and my worldview is sure to change. But I will remain myself. And if I have learned something else this year, it's that life is too short for spending it waiting for good things to magically find their way to you.
In other words, I've had myself 52 weeks to think things through and all I've managed to come up with is cliches.

I'm looking forward to the year of the snake. There will be many goals to achieve, bringing with them major changes in life. Since I may have to spend 2002 imprisoned doing my mandatory civil service (since there's no way in hell I'll serve in the Finnish military), I should try to enjoy my "freedom" as much as possible for these 365 days. I have a feeling this year might prove to be one of my best so far. And after all, it's all up to me to make it happen.
Oh, yes.. There was a resolution too.. But I'm keeping that one to myself.
No, it wasn't 1600x1200. :)

The New Year's Eve? It was more like a state of war. Most of the night you couldn't see past 200 meters due to the heavy snow, but the booming sound of fireworks never ceased during the hours between 18-00. I've come down with a nasty flu, so I spent today inside, using up a mountain of handkerchiefs and coughing my lungs out. Without E2 this evening might have been downright boring. :) Special thanks to simonc and perdedor for being cool as always. And to Note for a nice phonecall which surely cheered this kung-flu master up!

I'm only going to say this once.. (until next year, that is)
Onnellista uutta vuotta kaikille nodettajille!

a year ago today, my ex-boyfriend was killed. by a drunk driver, shockingly enough.

so i am home, safe inside, drinking champagne, thinking about how fucking lucky i am. and i don't need anything right now. tonight, i'm just happy i'm alive. i made it this long, and, moreover, things are good. i'm not failing out of school, i'm not pregnant, i'm not sick or psychologically fucked up. i'm sitting here in a warm house, in front of a nice computer, with friends close by. i feel peaceful. mwah.

i will stop trying to be less than i am.
i will find a way to be young without being excessively stupid.
i will drink a lot and smoke a lot and eat food that tastes good, no matter how bad for me it is, and have great sex and make stupid art and watch clouds go by when i need to because immortality and survival of the fittest are pointless if you're not enjoying yourself.
i will try and be nice.

the end.
I'm tired of crying myself to sleep. I'm tired of letting what they say hurt me so much. The New Year started off terribly. The first hour was spent in my living room listening to my parenta insult me left and right. We all sat in a circle. I gave the idea that everyone should say what they thought of the previous year and to say what they hoped to see the following year.
"We all have one single huge problem that we wish we never had in our lifetime, Xochitl, you are my problem."
When I heard this, tears starting running down my face. I couldn't hold them in any more. I cried while my mom, sister, and aunt laughed. It hurt. I don't see why they hate me so much? My friends can put up with me, and say my parents over-react. I don't know what my parents want from me. The other night I stayed up til 4 am helping them and woke up at 6:30 to help my dad. I work, I go to school, I clean the house, I wash everyone's clothes. What more do they want? I'm so tired of it all. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep. I'm tired of myself. I'm tired of life. I'm not a bad person. I have a lot of good qualities, they're just hard to find I suppose.

I don't pretend to be loved, I only hoped I was. Tonight my parents went to Mexico so I spent New Year's Eve with my grandma, we talked for a while. I felt so much pain when the time ran out, a new year, no school, no job, no love, no girlfriend (only confusion), and no means of pretending to be loved by anyone. I hugged my grandmother and almost started crying, she wouldn't understand. I don't need to burden her with my shit. I only hope that this new year will bring me something better. I've received 3 postcards in total, thank you to Girlface, Ereneta, and bozon. They are hanging from my ceiling (thank you clearpebbles for the idea). Where are the rest of them?


Happy new year!!!

The new year doesn't start that well...

  • Upgraded Mozilla and *BANG* lost stored passwords and *almost* lost cookies and bookmarks! First time I thank my auto-backup script =) =)
  • Mozilla's PSM doesn't work. Yes, that means I can't use SSL sites that use JavaScript. At all. This also seems to affect SourceForge usage. =(
  • Speaking of SourceForge, CVS could be described politely as Fucking Confusing (Here I'd really need a CVS for Dummies book, and I'm not even a newbie...). I now have an extremely lousily imported CVS tree in SourceForge, and I'm completely and utterly unable to delete that stuff. Imagine conversation (after too much coffee):

    "Sorry, kid, if you nuke a directory you can't tell me a numeric version."

    "Tell me, what the ******* you mean? *****! Just nuke it, OK?"

    "help is not a valid command. Please enter your password next time you use me. Have a nice day. Oh, by the way, you still can't ssh to add an authorized_key."

This sort of stuff... Well, I wish this will get organized.

I already put "One hour of complete silence" to my to-do list =)


Linux nighthowl 2.4.0-prerelease #1 ma tammi  1 12:18:18 EET 2001 i686 unknown

OK, they said the ext2 filesystem bug was fixed - this bloody well ought to work if it's a "prerelease"... =)


Looks like I can afford a DVD player.

The prices of consumer electronics never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, the latest stress source: sez "thou shalt not use me with Lynx". Damn. Triple damn. And since Mozilla's SSL doesn't work... Grrrrrrrrrr.

I Hate It When This Happens.


Yess, I downloaded Mozilla 0.6 and it seems to work...

Thanks to break's daylog above, I read a story from an old (1981) book that told about the January 1, 2001. =) List of predictions, and how they turned out:

  • The couple in the story had a home computer (called Helper) that turned on lights and filled bath tub. This could be doable this day, but "if it isn't broken", people say, "then we don't need to fix it"...
  • One character in the story asks the computer to notify him of an appointment; the machine gets mail and asks if it should be shown or read to them. Ah! PIM! E-mail! "You've Got Mail!" =) It would be a matter of minutes to hack E-mail program to feed E-mail to Festival or something... =)
  • Computer contacts other people's computers, asks what kind of food the owners like, and then orders ingredients from store to make lunch. This could be done by, say, consulting personal homepages - just that not many people seem to mention their favorite foods there. Ordering food is certainly possible, at least in certain areas...
  • The character also wanted to work home, so he "connected his terminal to company computer", called to a work buddies with a video telephone, made a contract with a word processor, and sent it to the said people for them to look at. Almost correct - except for that video phone part, and that these days we speak of workstations, not terminals =)
  • Computer reserves tables from restaurants, and gets taxi. Well, apart of the fact that taxis still seem to have human drivers, this seems possible.
  • The restaurant had "old-fashioned methods" with waiters and stuff. Well, we live in a junk food culture, but I guess that author meant there would be robot waiters and such... =)


Did nothing relevant, just thought of what would be involved in making a HTCPCP-compliant coffee maker with Lego Mindstorms stuff... and uploaded some photos to my web album. Nothing really Kewl with Capital K.


Hmm. In Guinness World Records TV show, there was a bit about "the most dangerous car alarm ever made" - blows meter-high flames to the sides of the car. The inventor had already got 2000 orders.

I guess it's more "humane" than the MagnaVolt (or whatever it was called) that was in the RoboCop movies... ::shivers::


Hmmm... E2 was down a moment ago. So down that I actually got to see stuff like "Index of /" =)

OK, my bookmark list has officially grown out of control - maybe I should reorganize it into a more worthy (ie, organized) node list. Hell, it worked in Web...

Rukajärven Tie in TV - I love this movie. I was in the premiere, and I was in the army when they made this movie (and the defence force participated in the production a bit)...


Got the bookmark list sorted... finally...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: PSM Palm m100

Updated: Small helpful scripts for noders

Gemma and I rode our bicycles to the lake last night to see the midnight fireworks. We settled down on the rug with some good sauvignon blanc (Nepenthe Adelaide Hills '99 & Bridgewater Mill "3 Regions", also '99). We lasted maybe two hours before the drunken hoards drove us home to our cozy abode at around 11pm. Which was OK. I told Gemma that I really wasn't an outdoors in public kind of person -- she said she could have told me that 10 years ago. I'm lucky to be understood.

Although I may not be alone, I do try to run a different kind of ship. To give in and write one of these 01/01/01 nodes, if only to proove to future everythingians that I was there, is unavoidable. Sorry.

So let the self glorification begin!

This past year I have:

  1. Moved to Minnesota. Specifically, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I miss California, but at this point in my life I have no idea where I plan to stay. That's limbo for you.

    (Note to self: Let's try to avoid the word "I", okay?)

  2. Joined university. Hamline university.
  3. Taken up the name litmus on several of these new little online communities. Including Everything2, and the Foxfire message board.
  4. Joined several jazz combos, jazz bands, and punk bands. Music is taking hold as my main pastime, with Everything coming in second at this point.
  5. Learned how to drive on ice and snow.
  6. Made new friends, and kept old ones. The friends worth keeping that is.
  7. Lived off of the fat of the land, and succled on the university nipple.

A reflection on the state of drunkeness.

To avoid being around when not drunk...

Thank you.

To do list for '01(which will be half completed by 01/02/01):


I am glad to know you all. See you tomorrow.

     This new year, you could say, has not started out well.

     I woke up on the morning of 12.31.00 with an unbelievable pain in my neck on the right side. It seems that I had strained it the evening prior while engaged in "extracurricular activites" with Jessica. Although I am boyishly happy as to what I was doing when I hurt my neck on some primordial Guy-level (I could have been, for instance, shovelling snow), my neck still hurts. A lot.

     As if that were the worst thing. Also, I seem to have missplaced my spectacles a few days ago. Without them I can see, but very limitedly. Driving at night is a very cumbersome event. Aside from driving, it makes my everyday activities a little harder as well (noding, for instance). This definitely takes some of the fun out of the whole day.

     Jessica was working today until eight p.m.. With nothing better to do, this meant sleeping until five for Our Hero. You may say that I was a slob for sleeping so late, but I didn't have anything better to do. I wanted to get all of the sleep possible, as I was invited to four parties for New Year's Eve!

     Jessica came home at a little after eight. I laid on the couch, and we watched The Simpsons together. It was great. We have a really small couch, which is more of a loveseat, really. I can't help but to grope Jessica at every possible chance (commercials, after show, slow moving parts, etc.). She doesn't seem to mind, and we watch The Simpsons and for the hell of it, Malcom In The Middle. I ask her where she wants to go this evening, as there is no likely way that we would make it to all four different places. I at least want to make a "cameo" at two of the places and tell her so. All seems set for the night, and I begin to think about taking a shower and getting dressed.

     What was that quote? I can never think of who said the damned thing in the first place, but Stienbeck titled a book by it: "The best laid plans, o' mice and men, are oft led astray." We're laying on the small couch. The television is no longer interesting. For her part, Jessica doesn't seem too excited about going anywhere, and I can't really say as I blame her all that much. She's been working a lot lately, two jobs, and I know that she likes to catch up on her sleep. I understand that. If I were working seventy hours a week, I would want to get as much sleep as possible, too. She says she wants to go somewhere tonight, but we're just laying there - groping each other.

     Well... groping would have been well and good, but we all know that sometimes groping takes on a life of it's own. Without infringing on the PG-13 rating of this node, sufficed to say we ended up in the bedroom. It was glamourous. It was fun. It was love. It always is. So much so that afterwards, we found ourselves quite tired, and ended up falling asleep. That was the end of our great "plans" for the evening.

     At about twelve o'clock, I just happened to wake up and look over at the clock on the nightstand. "Happy New Year" I said to her as I kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and wiggled closer to me. We both fell back to sleep. I awoke again at around three a.m., this time I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to explore the apartment, and maybe node a while. To my delight, the letterboxed version of 2001 - A Space Odyssey was on cable. Nice. Very nice, indeed. Sure, my neck still hurts, and I still can't find my glasses. I didn't get to go to all those parties and hob-nob with my pals. But I was able to ring in the New Year with some of my favorite things:

    ...My girl, my cats, and good science fiction.

     So you see - I may have said that this New Year didn't start out very well. It certainly didn't start as I had planned it, that's for sure. But it started out just the way it was supposed to. It started out badly, maybe, but then it blossomed into something nice, peaceful, and quiet.

     2001 may turn out to be okay after all.

This is my first daylog, and I really think that there could be no better way to start one than this;

I've been up since midnight, obviously, but things really didn't start to get going until the drive home from my girlfriends' place. On the way home at about 2:30am, I was overcome with something I haven't felt in a long time. Optimism. For the first time I can remember, I am actually happy about it being a New Year. I'm so full of happiness and good vibes I really could just explode right now. I never feel this good, yet for some reason I just can't help but feel completely ecstatic right now. I feel like there is a whole world of new possibilities stretching out in from of me that no one short of The Almighty himself can stop me from succeeding. I just feel happy.

This first music I listened to: Vanessa Mae's rendition of Classical Gas (baroque-a-nova). First food I ate: Generic Cheerio's.

I'm just so happy.

Was asleep at 01:01:01 01/01/01 during the night. Forgot to strap on a digital watch today. Found first bug of the millennium at 08:35. Forgot to look at watch at 13:01:01 01/01/01 today (which could have counted as 01:01:01 01/01/01).

I hate digital watches. I hate calendars. I hate time. I hate the 21st century. I hate computers.

See you all February 2 next year.

Well hello there, new millennium.

Went to a party out in Manhasset hosted by one of my friend's friend's girlfriend. Original plan was to go to the University of Deleware and hit a rockin' party there, but 12" of snow dumped on one's head tends to change one's long distance travel plans.

Party was pretty good. I got smashed and have a hell of a hangover right now. Briefly broke my "RimRod Does Not Dance Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever" rule when I got dragged out of my chair for an impromptu dance or two. I suppose I must now do penance for my sins or something. But she was cute.

(prayer for the millennium)

sensei asked me to say to everyone on E2 "Shin Seiki, Omedetou gozaimasu", "Please have a very good New Year."

Hmm. My friends all had a shot at their WUs, now it's my turn. Insert evil laugh here. How was the New Year's celebration for me? In one word: .... hmm. I guess it was a mixture of boredom, sadness and unhapyness.
Mike arrived here around 6pm. We went shopping. Bought some chips and stuff. Then went a swung (what's the past tense for swing?) by a Cold Beer and Wine Store. I left Mike at my house for a little while, and went off to drop the presents for my grandparents. I got home, and pretty much everyone arrived. I had to pick up the only girl that would come. I than proceded to drink vodka cranberry. I did not get really smashed. I was just sleepy and dizzy. I think Dave and Mike were incredibly bored. My brother was probably looking at us in utter surprise. BJ was consoling Zig. I tried too, but what can I offer besides those trite words? I'm more of a realist unfortunately.
I fell asleep around 11pm. Zig got picked up by her parents around 12:30. I fell back to sleep and woke up when my friends left. I don't know what they think of me; but at least this time i didn't do anything stupid/nasty while i got drunk. That was a 2:30. I staggered upstairs to my room. Asked my bro to clean up - he actually did. Got a 5 hour nap (it's 7:30am now). I dont feel sleepy. I don't have a hangover (even though i downed around 3/4 of that vodka). Everyone's sleeping. I've got nothing to do; I feel sort philosophical though. Maybe I'll go code or do math homework. Happy New Year Everyone.
W00t to RalphyK. He's absolutely right!! Happy New Year people. Laugh dammit.
This is my first (and last) day log. On this very special day, I have a very special message I would like to pass on to everybody:

Cheer the fuck up.

You're depressing the shit out of me.

Honestly, it's worse than the Christmas Day logs, it really is. "Merry fucking Christmas, happy fucking new year, it's just another day to me, what's so special about it", blah blah fucking angsty blah. What a load of self indulgent wank, Christ, it's a time for optimism and trying to share a bit of fucking happiness, not wallowing in woe-is-me shite.

With the notable exception of dizzy at Christmas, and prole, forest and xunker up there today, it's been moan after whinge after bitch after angst. It's a good job I'm not dependent on the day logs for a daily dose of cheeriness, otherwise I'd be under the nearest bus. Some brief advice for a couple of people: don't give up important trips abroad for people who may or may not know you exist, nobody is worth that, and when you find out that they're not interested, you'll get even more depressed (and they're hardly going to be interested if you haven't made a move or mentioned anything about your interest, are they?). If people insult you after you've spent time helping them, tell them to fuck off. Lonely? Get off E2 for a few hours and go and meet people. 17 years old and haven't accomplished anything? Of course you haven't, you've been listening to teachers talk shit at school/college most of your life, you're only 17 - now you can get out into the real world and start your life, school is just bullshit, as soon as you leave, all those assholes are out of your life forever - school is over, baby! Life isn't fair? Well duh! Of course it isn't. You just have to make something out of it. This is/isn't the "real" millennium? Who fucking cares! It's not even the year 2001, probably, we invented the calendar anyway, the "year" is something we came up with. It's still cool to be in 2001, a year I've been dying to be in since I was a kid.

Nope, life's not fair, perfect, or even happy all the time. But it could be a lot worse. If you have your health, a place to live, and at least one halfway decent friend, you're a lot better off than a hell of a lot of folks. And no, before you start crying about the unfairness of it all, I didn't downvote your angsty logs - I just upvoted the cheerful stuff. Now cheer the fuck up, get over it, and stop whining. Or I'll come round your house and give you something to whine about. Come on guys! It's the new year - Happy New Year! Let's see those happy faces, please...

In response to RalphyK:
I had a great time, thank you very much.

I'm not one to go in for New Year's resolutions in a big way, mainly because I'm pathetic at forward planning. This year, I did succeed in getting a life, though. I now go out with friends. Have a good time. Get drunk. Make money. Spend money. Relax a little. Enjoy.

Remember folks, you're a long time dead. Don't waste all your time in front of a computer if you can at all help it, tempting though the likes of e2 can be,

As for yesterday's plans? Didn't quite happen. We got some pretty heavy sleet and rain in the afternoon, and it was continuing into the night, so going into town for a street party looked like a really bad idea. Instead, Jenny, who had an empty house, invited a few friends over for a wee party. Just seven of us, some good music, and oodles of alcohol. Plenty of sliding about the kitchen floor in socks, a bit of dancing, and some party poppers after the bells.

At about 1.30, we decided to pop in to another party going on nearby, which was about a 20 minute walk away. 10 minutes there, and we decided that it was too boring, we were going to head back to Jen's. The time without alcohol and the fresh air seemed to sober me up, but probably also helped to prevent alcohol poisoning/a massive hangover, so perhaps it was a good thing?

I did get some sleep, on a sofa, but not quite enough, because I was falling asleep in front of the TV a short while ago, much to my sister's amusement when I kept on waking up with a start. :)

WOW !!!

I mean, that's really all that I can say about it, This is the first time that East Texas has seen considerable snowfall in YEARS. Even if it were not the New Millennium, this will be a New Years that none of us will forget.

anm and his wife through their party last night, boy did it rock.

But nothing in this world compares to that startling realization, that came to me as I was going to sleep especially after all that alcohol...
::Tex, you're the only one in this house that is single, you're the only one without a date, and your life is pretty much meaningless.::

Guess I couldn't help but think that. All the husbands and wives went to bed, but not me, I continued to drink... alone.

However I survived those thoughts, and am here now. With 2.3 inches of snow, the town has been SHUT DOWN! We are not prepared for weather like this, the last time that snow stuck here in Nacogdoches, I was only 11.


I haven't really done anything today, and so far have been unsuccessful in coming up with anything. I woke up at around noon, then again at 1pm, and again at 3pm. My brother is up at our parent's house for today.

I'm bored, hungry, and cold.

more later...


I decided my new year's goals were more appropriate in this daylog, so I moved them here:

  • Find a girlfriend and establish a relationship.
  • Learn Japanese
  • Use my vacation time to go somewhere interesting.
  • Find things to do after work besides going home.
  • Read more books and watch less TV.
  • Get under 200 pounds.
  • Do whatever's necessary to get off of all medications
  • Mostly just continue the trend I have over the last two months.

I went out for some chinese food and picked up a book at Borders. I decided that I'm going to ask Sara out tomorrow night. I also need to remember to give her my christmas gift. I'm kind of nervous.

Bah... I need to go to sleep early so I can get into work early.

I didn't really do much exciting to ring in the new year. I don't know why, but at the beginning of the evening I was extremely depressed...nothing was going on, it didn't seem like Jonathan was going to have any fun no matter what, and I had driven up to Lawrence for the evening. I knew that my mom was home alone and I was thinking that I might as well have just stayed home and kept her company for all the stuff that was going on. Then I started thinking about what a bad daughter I was and I got bad grades this semester to boot and I was SO depressed. And I started thinking about 'attempting' suicide...I didn't want to kill myself or anything, but I just wanted to attempt it. I half-heartedly looked around for something to carve on my wrists with, and the only thing I could find was a broken gin bottle that Maggie had dropped earlier in the evening and that whole picture just reeked of desperation.

I never used to understand people who would attempt suicide but not actually go through with it, just attempt knowing that they'd get caught. I thought it was pathetic..and well, I still do, I just understand where they're coming from now. How are people supposed to know you're drowning if you don't shout for help?

And hey, at least it would have been something exciting. Shut myself in the bathroom with a razor at 10:30, a few minutes later someone finds me covered in blood, they call an ambulance and my friends and I spend midnight at the ER. Makes for a good story at least.

But like I said, nothing around to do anything about this, so I decide I'll sit in Maggie's room on her couch and read something. I'm already drunk as fuck after a glass and a half of wine since I never got around to eating dinner. I find Life, the Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams and start that, and Jonathan comes in and gets me out to socialize and I start to feel better little by little...

So we decide that we want to do something that we've never done before at midnight, and none of us had been driving around in a car at midnight, so Jon, Drunk Ben, and I got in my car (Jon was sober) and Jon took us to the only roundabout in town so that at midnight we could drive around the roundabout ten times shouting "Happy fucking New Year!" It was totally fun and totally pointless, just the way I like it.

So I ended up having a good time, but nonetheless I think my resolution shall be to get some fucking counseling!

Goodbye, Y2K

I wish you all the best. We're really in the future now.

Last night was, well, disappointing. It was the last night of the 20th Century. I spent it at work, but that is not why it was disappointing. I spend most holidays at work: I work as a certified nursing assistant in a group home for the developmentally disabled, and someone has to be there all the time. So, I am used to that.

My source of disappointment was the various television networks, at least here in the USA.

I also happened to work on the last day of 1999. Back then, the networks were airing New Year's celebrations from all over the world. The newscatsers were outright lying: They claimed it was the end of the 20th Century. Well, we know it was not--yesterday was. And they knew it, too. But they chose to make news instead of reporting it.

They persisted in their charade by completely ignoring the real end of the 20th Century and the real start of the 21st Century. I fully expected to watch the transition on TV along with my clients, but nothing was there: Just ordinary Sunday night programming, as if nothing special was going on.

For a while, I was under the impression that CNN was doing the right thing, but soon I realized they were showing recordings of the celebration from a year ago, and they affirmed that the 21st Century started on 1-1-2000. Disgusted, I flipped channels until I came to the sci-fi channel which was airing various episodes of The Twilight Zone. I spent the rest of the century in The Twilight Zone. Considering the circustances, I felt I was in The Twilight Zone, too!

I didn't really have a direct plan to ring in the new year. All I really knew was I wanted to get drunk, find some nice female companionship and not get into trouble.


My friend Mark and I went to a bar in the downtown area. We started off with a jar of beer each - an absurdly oversized draw glass that holds 32 ounces. We watched the end of the Independance Bowl on TV and talked with some of the regulars. We were about ready to head across the street to the local nightclub when the bartender gave me a free jar of beer. Great. I poured half of it in his glass and we slammed it and quickly headed across the street.


It cost a crummy $10 to get in. We immediatly greeted everyone we knew and ordered a couple more beers. I drank alot of cheap champaign at $2 a pop. We eventually rang in the new year somewhere on the dance floor. I probably looked rediculous with a suit and sunglasses on together but what the hell I figured. I immediatly started scoping out the place for the females but I was having no luck. Only couples around, damn. Apparently my friend had a better time because I never saw him again that night. Whenever one of us leaves without saying goodbye is due to finding a woman.


I walked down to another bar up the street and found my brother, he is in town for the holidays. He was with a female I had never met before. We then went to an after hours party up the street. By this time the room was spinning. Most of the women were a little bit older then I, but there were plenty to be found. My plan was to find one and head a few blocks over were 2 other parties were. Simple enough. After the keg was gone I noticed most of the dudes were leaving, now this was getting odd, I suddenly noticed that for once, there were plenty of drunk, horny women around and hardly any guys! Most of the guys weren't really ideal specimens I assumed. I don't want to come off as conceded or egotistical, but I consider myself fairly attractive.

Sometime, too drunk to know what exactly it is

I had been talking to this guy for about a half hour about this and that, we were waiting in line for the restroom at the time (I was next), when 2 guys left, and I immediatly noticed the stench. Freebased cocaine smells exactly like shit and burnt hair. The guy behind me noticed it too and started asking them for some. Later on at the party the guy looked so familiar but I couldn't place it anyway. Eventually, I introduced myself and to my astonishment he was a former bass player for an extremely succesfull classic rock band. My God, I thought, a fucking dream come true - just he and I, puttin the mack down on the chics. I introduced him to every attractive girl that walked by and just for kicks, he said I was his agent, from there the quest for female companionship was near completion. I decided to go for the hottest single one and started kissing her.

Sometime really, really later after that, too drunk to know ...

This part of the night is really hazy. I remember walking with some other girl to her apartment nearby and hanging out. We drank and eventually had sex. I remember her saying I had to leave afterwards so I staggered back to the party again to see what was going on. Most people had left but there was still a handful of people around. I remember it being colder then shit outside and I lived 2 miles away, not a nice walk. My bro was long gone, and don't remember when he left. I figured it was way late and it wouldn't be worth the gamble to walk a few blocks away and hope my friends are still partying, so I borrowed someone's cell phone and called a taxi.

When I got home I remembered breaking some of the dishes and knocking some shit around, for why I don't know. The clock said 6am. Christ. A friend from out of town who was staying over walked in with a Sega Dreamcast and a Sony Playstation with games for each, he apparently won it in a bet. Everyone was talking about the wild times they had (even my out of town friend got laid and he is a very repulsive looking man).

It's not every night I go out I end up on strange adventures like this one, but I had an extremely great time. As I laid on my bed, counting the revolutions of the ceiling spin round and round, I remembered thinking that I couldn't wait for New Years Eve of next year.
I've never been much one for resolutions, knowing very well my personal lack of resolve, but what the heck:

I resolve to give a whole unit of blood without panicking before it ends, but if I can't, at least to continue to give blood and try my best.

I resolve to stay in my apartment until the lease ends this time.

I resolve to try to worry less about my life, because everything's going wonderfully, you dip.

I resolve to return the national treasures I stole during world war II.

After I woke up at 11 after staying up till 3 playing trivial pursuit at p_i's house last night, I went to my boyfriend's house and cooked and cooked. I made smoked salmon salad, sirloin & bleu cheese rigatoni, and custards with banana caramel sauce. yum.

After reading through some of the logs, i'm kinda surprised. I thought new year's resolutions were things you saw in movies, comic strips and the sorts. I've never actually known anyone who made new year's resolutions...

My new year's eve was kinda relaxed. I hung with one of my good friends for a while and watched some anime. I then proceeded to a party at which were many people i know. I had about two shots of rum, but that was all. I didn't want to piss off the friend i was hanging with who didn't drink and would have to drive anyway. Later i had a slurpie. Hmm... ' two shots and a slurpie'. Could be an interesting name for a punk rock band or something.

My new year's day was rather boring yet satisfying at the same time. Much time was spent watching the 'Twilight Zone' marathon that the Sci Fi channel puts on every new year's eve and day. The Twilight Zone is definitely an example of a show that will never really lose quality with time. Sure some of them aren't great but the vast majority of them are of high quality and can be enjoyed by people of any age. I estimate that over the course of these past two days i watched about 50 episodes. I think it was a good use of time...

The only other significant even which occured today was the planning of a possible ski trip later in the week. With all the snow that occured over the weekend this week would be an ideal time to ski. All of my friends, like myself, have nothing else to do during this winter break from college and should go and do something.

Tomorrow i actually have some things to do and my parents are expecting me to wake up at a normal time. (To them, 3 pm is not a normal time to wake up... oh well.) I guess i should finish this log off and go to sleep or something.

My New Years was as usual unremarkable. I awoke in a mid morning stuper after falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning watching the Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network. The show is starting to grow on me, where does Chairman Kaga get all those neat outfits?

I made my mom french toast for breakfast, I used freshly pulverized cinnamon (we have a pestle) in the batter and freshly baked bread (we also have a bread machine). I didn't have any, but she said they were very good.

I got a call from a ghost from my past, a former highschool friend. I wish he would leave me alone. He acts like we're still 15. "Do you want to hang?", 'No', "C'mon"....How can I politely tell someone to get off my back? I'd give him what for, but I'm afraid he might freak out and start killing people or try to take 'revenge' on me for not putting up with his ignorance

I concluded my first day of 2001 by finally creating my personal Anime sound track MiniDisc. I recorded a bunch of anime mp3s, and some songs from my video tape collection, complete with background sound effects, dialog and all. Praised be the Line In jack. Konya Hurricane! I truly am a ward E otaku

If there's ever one thing that's common amongst New Year's Resolutions, it's that they almost never last very long. Perhaps that's just due to people making too many, and making them too big.

So I've made exactly one resolution for the new year. I will make one resolution per month over the year. That lets me focus on changing only one thing for the month, so I can put more effort into it, and if I can do it for the month, it's more liklely to become a habit like I want it to. And if things don't go well for the month, I can keep that in mind for the next month.

So, for the first month of the year, it's rather simple. The treadmill which we bought (and unfortunately won't get until next Monday, January 8, 2001) is the best thing to go after. Three times a week, 30 minutes minimum. With increased usage as determined appropriate.

Yes, nobody needs to point out or educate me on the irony of spending a lot of money on a device that allows me to walk without getting anywhere. I've already recognized that.

As for what I did on the first day that will no longer create arguments when it's announced to be part of the 21st Century and the new Millennium...

Not being able to make it to midnight due to too much time spent in the car from travelling, we wake up about 8am with the necessary "Happy New Year" comments, and go out to get the treadmill. Three stops later, we finally make the purchase at a Fitness Warehouse store, probably a better place than Sears which was our first look. And we get a better one at a cheaper price (20% off is great, especially for such a large purchase).

A lazy day follows, doing not much of anything. But I did fulfill my obligation to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey during the day. It seemed like I had to watch it.

I must say, this was definately the most fun I've ever had on a New Years Eve, ever. There was the slight drawback that I had to work on NYE until 7:30PM and then be back the next day at 12PM, but what I managed to cram into the 16 hours in between my shifts startles me in retrospect.

First, I stopped by my old apartment complex to drop by a parking ticket for my ex-boyfriend that had been mailed to me by mistake. I said hi to the building manager, and she invited me in for dinner. After dinner, I arrived at the NYE party I was going to around 9:45PM. At about 10:30PM, I took three hits of acid.

This is where the fun began.

Aside from having what was undoubtedly the most visual acid trip so far, and I was also doing much better with manipulating my own trip experience. I made a cardboard cut-out of Boba Fett shake its hips for me. It didn't stop until I closed my eyes at 7AM and slept until 10:30AM to help clean up the place and get my butt to work. What a wild night! And the music...Jeff and Paul really tore the roof off during their sets. I think I'm turning into a House Head because of them.

So here's one for the books...the most fun had on a New Years Eve, as well as the least sleep gotten before work on New Years Day ever!

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