If there's ever one thing that's common amongst New Year's Resolutions, it's that they almost never last very long. Perhaps that's just due to people making too many, and making them too big.

So I've made exactly one resolution for the new year. I will make one resolution per month over the year. That lets me focus on changing only one thing for the month, so I can put more effort into it, and if I can do it for the month, it's more liklely to become a habit like I want it to. And if things don't go well for the month, I can keep that in mind for the next month.

So, for the first month of the year, it's rather simple. The treadmill which we bought (and unfortunately won't get until next Monday, January 8, 2001) is the best thing to go after. Three times a week, 30 minutes minimum. With increased usage as determined appropriate.

Yes, nobody needs to point out or educate me on the irony of spending a lot of money on a device that allows me to walk without getting anywhere. I've already recognized that.

As for what I did on the first day that will no longer create arguments when it's announced to be part of the 21st Century and the new Millennium...

Not being able to make it to midnight due to too much time spent in the car from travelling, we wake up about 8am with the necessary "Happy New Year" comments, and go out to get the treadmill. Three stops later, we finally make the purchase at a Fitness Warehouse store, probably a better place than Sears which was our first look. And we get a better one at a cheaper price (20% off is great, especially for such a large purchase).

A lazy day follows, doing not much of anything. But I did fulfill my obligation to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey during the day. It seemed like I had to watch it.