WOW !!!

I mean, that's really all that I can say about it, This is the first time that East Texas has seen considerable snowfall in YEARS. Even if it were not the New Millennium, this will be a New Years that none of us will forget.

anm and his wife through their party last night, boy did it rock.

But nothing in this world compares to that startling realization, that came to me as I was going to sleep especially after all that alcohol...
::Tex, you're the only one in this house that is single, you're the only one without a date, and your life is pretty much meaningless.::

Guess I couldn't help but think that. All the husbands and wives went to bed, but not me, I continued to drink... alone.

However I survived those thoughts, and am here now. With 2.3 inches of snow, the town has been SHUT DOWN! We are not prepared for weather like this, the last time that snow stuck here in Nacogdoches, I was only 11.