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To do the same thing I do everynight...Try to take over the world.
Star Wars, Game Server Administration, Server Administration, and Palm Computing
Fear no one. Be wary of everyone.
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/me misses sensei

Cowboy by birth, Geek by choice, hardcore Fourbyer all the way. I am Tex.
I'm an assistant Systems Administrator for a series of small Texas based mental health clinics, (believe me it sounds better than it is...).
My big hobbies are 4x4ing in my truck, a little mud here and there really relieves alot of stress.
I build and repair PC's and I'm a die-hard Unreal Tournament player.
Lately I've been trying to learn Linux, and I'm not doing too bad I suppose.
The Simpsons TV show nut...
Avid gun-collector, not a killer, just a collector.

I have 6 computers at the moment:

  • Jeeves: My Unreal Tournament Server a Dual Pentium III 733mhz 512MB Registered ECC (PC133 SDRAM) all on a 133 system bus. 2 20GB Mirrored Set, 3 30GB Striped Set With Parity. Windows NT Server, LAN parties. NO I don't want to run Linux on it, so leave me alone.
  • Bob: A Windows ME machine, My main machine. PIII 500 384MB SDRAM
  • Bill: A Windows NT machine, Main function is an MP3 player with well over 5000 songs on it. AMD Athlon 800 256MB SDRAM
  • Mordecai: Bill my "charity machine" the mother board RAM and processor were found in a closet at a lady friend's home, Red Hat 7.0 running WELL on this computer. Athlon 850 256MB SDRAM
  • Methuselah: First computer, running Preface DOS shell, on a 16mhz 286, with one full megabyte of ram on it.
  • \
  • Portabella: HP laptop 5170 PIII 600mhz 256MB 7GB 14"tft 8xDVD.
  • Lil' John: Was just recently given to a friend who NEEDED it.
Well, I now have a much better grasp on Linux, however I am a gamer priority #1, and for that reason, I will stay with Windows.
There are currently 5,784 ways to contact me.
here are 6 of them:

ICQ# : 31663812
Microsoft Messenger Service : taintedtex

Check out my personal web page for a pic or two.....

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