To My Pal

He said he'd ride 'em all one day,
And I just listened and laughed.
And I should have known he meant it,
By the way he paragraphed.

He had never rode a bull before,
But then, neither had I.
But I'd swear he was a cowboy,
By the way he lived his life.

Now I ain't no rodeo cowboy,
But I've always wanted to,
Grab a bull by his ol' horns,
And then just ride him through.

Now my friend you know I love him,
But I couldn't understand,
Why anyone would ride a steak,
To prove that he's a man.

I doubted him all summer,
While he was gone away.
Until I got a call from him,
And heard ol' Ronny say.

"I did it, I rode him,
He tried to throw me off,
But I got mad and spurred him,
And when the bell rang I jumped off."

I said, "Congratulations friend,
I'm sure you did your best,
But don't you think that now it's time,
To come back to the nest?

Cause the gang ain't been the same,
Since you went away,
And we we're all hopin',
That you'd return someday."

Then there was no talkin'
Nothin’ but the moan,
Of distant incoherent sounds,
Comin' through the phone.

He said, "Tex I like it here,
I may not be comin' back.
There's to many things I like to do,
That can't be done in Nac."

I told him that I understood,
And to just call anytime,
There's nothin' close friends can't endure,
As long as there's phone lines.

Then he changed the subject,
To the girls that he'd met there.
Plus the one he said he loved,
With the long brown hair.

When we'd finally said all we could say,
Three hours later on,
I said, "Hey thanks for callin'."
And then hung up the phone.

But then I started thinkin',
'Bout all the fun we'd had,
All the beer we drank together,
All the fights that have been had.

Ya' know I really miss him,
But then, I knew I would,
And I suppose I knew the day he left,
That he'd be gone for good.

But I know someday, I'll see him again,
This I know for sure,
But for now my friend has wanderlust,
And for that there is no cure.


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