Mozilla's Personal Security Manager, written by Netscape folks for Netscape 6. It's an add-on program that gives Mozilla the capability to talk to sites that use SSL. It supports 128-bit encryption.

Before Mozilla 0.7, it needed to be downloaded separately, now it's part of the standard Mozilla distribution.

PSM is a 100% independent Playstation 2 magazine. It prides itself by being "unofficial, unbiased, and unrivaled." It is also America's best-selling Playstation 2 magazine. It is published by Future Network USA.

Every month, PSM provides its readers with a new releases section, previews, reviews, video game news, and a letter section. There are also a fair amount of comedic tid-bits sprinkled in, thanks to the PSM staff.

The current staff of PSM includes:

I have been a subscriber of PSM for nearly four years, and can easily say that it is my favorite magazine. Not only is it hilarious, but the reviews are thorough, and I feel that I can, from experience, trust their judgment on what games to buy. Also, their preview section provides accurate information on upcoming titles, and the news section stays up to date with current video game events.

For more information concerning PSM, visit their website at:
For more information about Future Network USA, visit their website at:

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