Last night was, well, disappointing. It was the last night of the 20th Century. I spent it at work, but that is not why it was disappointing. I spend most holidays at work: I work as a certified nursing assistant in a group home for the developmentally disabled, and someone has to be there all the time. So, I am used to that.

My source of disappointment was the various television networks, at least here in the USA.

I also happened to work on the last day of 1999. Back then, the networks were airing New Year's celebrations from all over the world. The newscatsers were outright lying: They claimed it was the end of the 20th Century. Well, we know it was not--yesterday was. And they knew it, too. But they chose to make news instead of reporting it.

They persisted in their charade by completely ignoring the real end of the 20th Century and the real start of the 21st Century. I fully expected to watch the transition on TV along with my clients, but nothing was there: Just ordinary Sunday night programming, as if nothing special was going on.

For a while, I was under the impression that CNN was doing the right thing, but soon I realized they were showing recordings of the celebration from a year ago, and they affirmed that the 21st Century started on 1-1-2000. Disgusted, I flipped channels until I came to the sci-fi channel which was airing various episodes of The Twilight Zone. I spent the rest of the century in The Twilight Zone. Considering the circustances, I felt I was in The Twilight Zone, too!