Happy new year!!!

The new year doesn't start that well...

  • Upgraded Mozilla and *BANG* lost stored passwords and *almost* lost cookies and bookmarks! First time I thank my auto-backup script =) =)
  • Mozilla's PSM doesn't work. Yes, that means I can't use SSL sites that use JavaScript. At all. This also seems to affect SourceForge usage. =(
  • Speaking of SourceForge, CVS could be described politely as Fucking Confusing (Here I'd really need a CVS for Dummies book, and I'm not even a newbie...). I now have an extremely lousily imported CVS tree in SourceForge, and I'm completely and utterly unable to delete that stuff. Imagine conversation (after too much coffee):

    "Sorry, kid, if you nuke a directory you can't tell me a numeric version."

    "Tell me, what the ******* you mean? *****! Just nuke it, OK?"

    "help is not a valid command. Please enter your password next time you use me. Have a nice day. Oh, by the way, you still can't ssh to add an authorized_key."

This sort of stuff... Well, I wish this will get organized.

I already put "One hour of complete silence" to my to-do list =)


Linux nighthowl 2.4.0-prerelease #1 ma tammi  1 12:18:18 EET 2001 i686 unknown

OK, they said the ext2 filesystem bug was fixed - this bloody well ought to work if it's a "prerelease"... =)


Looks like I can afford a DVD player.

The prices of consumer electronics never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, the latest stress source: IDrive.com sez "thou shalt not use me with Lynx". Damn. Triple damn. And since Mozilla's SSL doesn't work... Grrrrrrrrrr.

I Hate It When This Happens.


Yess, I downloaded Mozilla 0.6 and it seems to work...

Thanks to break's daylog above, I read a story from an old (1981) book that told about the January 1, 2001. =) List of predictions, and how they turned out:

  • The couple in the story had a home computer (called Helper) that turned on lights and filled bath tub. This could be doable this day, but "if it isn't broken", people say, "then we don't need to fix it"...
  • One character in the story asks the computer to notify him of an appointment; the machine gets mail and asks if it should be shown or read to them. Ah! PIM! E-mail! "You've Got Mail!" =) It would be a matter of minutes to hack E-mail program to feed E-mail to Festival or something... =)
  • Computer contacts other people's computers, asks what kind of food the owners like, and then orders ingredients from store to make lunch. This could be done by, say, consulting personal homepages - just that not many people seem to mention their favorite foods there. Ordering food is certainly possible, at least in certain areas...
  • The character also wanted to work home, so he "connected his terminal to company computer", called to a work buddies with a video telephone, made a contract with a word processor, and sent it to the said people for them to look at. Almost correct - except for that video phone part, and that these days we speak of workstations, not terminals =)
  • Computer reserves tables from restaurants, and gets taxi. Well, apart of the fact that taxis still seem to have human drivers, this seems possible.
  • The restaurant had "old-fashioned methods" with waiters and stuff. Well, we live in a junk food culture, but I guess that author meant there would be robot waiters and such... =)


Did nothing relevant, just thought of what would be involved in making a HTCPCP-compliant coffee maker with Lego Mindstorms stuff... and uploaded some photos to my web album. Nothing really Kewl with Capital K.


Hmm. In Guinness World Records TV show, there was a bit about "the most dangerous car alarm ever made" - blows meter-high flames to the sides of the car. The inventor had already got 2000 orders.

I guess it's more "humane" than the MagnaVolt (or whatever it was called) that was in the RoboCop movies... ::shivers::


Hmmm... E2 was down a moment ago. So down that I actually got to see stuff like "Index of /" =)

OK, my bookmark list has officially grown out of control - maybe I should reorganize it into a more worthy (ie, organized) node list. Hell, it worked in Web...

Rukajärven Tie in TV - I love this movie. I was in the premiere, and I was in the army when they made this movie (and the defence force participated in the production a bit)...


Got the bookmark list sorted... finally...

Other day logs o' mine...

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