My New Years was as usual unremarkable. I awoke in a mid morning stuper after falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning watching the Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network. The show is starting to grow on me, where does Chairman Kaga get all those neat outfits?

I made my mom french toast for breakfast, I used freshly pulverized cinnamon (we have a pestle) in the batter and freshly baked bread (we also have a bread machine). I didn't have any, but she said they were very good.

I got a call from a ghost from my past, a former highschool friend. I wish he would leave me alone. He acts like we're still 15. "Do you want to hang?", 'No', "C'mon"....How can I politely tell someone to get off my back? I'd give him what for, but I'm afraid he might freak out and start killing people or try to take 'revenge' on me for not putting up with his ignorance

I concluded my first day of 2001 by finally creating my personal Anime sound track MiniDisc. I recorded a bunch of anime mp3s, and some songs from my video tape collection, complete with background sound effects, dialog and all. Praised be the Line In jack. Konya Hurricane! I truly am a ward E otaku