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Millennium is a TV series created by Chris Carter who is the creator of The X-Files. "In keeping with many of the world's ancient prophecies, Millennium is a series about the struggle between the forces of good and evil as the millennium approaches." (Fox 1999)

Lance Henriksen plays Frank Black, an ex-FBI agent whose ability to enter the minds of the killers gives him vivid flashes of insight into their motivations and helps him solve unspeakable murders.

The many years of dealing with death took their toll on Frank though and he left the bureau to settle in Seattle with his wife, Catherine Black, played by Megan Gallagher and their young daughter Jordan Back, played by Brittany Tiplady.

After leaving the FBI, Frank has taken up work with the enigmatic Millennium Group. As a loving husband and father, Frank struggles both to balance the demands of his work with the needs of his family as well protect them from the ugliness with which his gift brings him into daily contact.

Millennium is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television in association with Ten Thirteen Productions. The creator and executive producer is Chris Carter, the other executive producers are James Wong and Glen Morgan.

The first hour long episode of Millennium aired on the FOX network in October 25, 1996 and ran for three seasons and a total of 67 episodes before the final episode was screened on May 21, 1999.

Millennium in the show is actually spelt MillenniuM with two capital M's. In Roman numerals, M equals 1000. So the two M's in the title can make a reference to 2000, the millennium.

The symbol of the snake biting its own tail used in the opening title sequence of Millennium is called an Ouroboros. In the series it is the symbol of the Millennium Group. Chris Carter explains it as such:
"The image that appears on the main title of the show which is a snake eating its tail, a circular snake, the snake is a classic and ancient image. I think it's come from several different cultures, it's called the Ouroboros and it has many different meanings. One is eternal return, everything being circular, everything recurring and also of a snake eating its tail, of it devouring itself, which is a more negative context. I thought for Millennium it had equal parts of each and left some then to the imagination of what it might mean. But it's a very powerful image and I think it's really perfectly representative of the show."
Science Fiction novel by John Varley. * * * 1/2

The future sucks.

Pollution is so bad in the year 3000 that human lungs have adapted to toxic pollutants; they can't survive without them. But of course those same pollutants are destroying their bodies.

The solution?

Time Travel!

The denizens of the future travel into the past, to places that are about to experience a terrible catastrophe, such as an airliner just before it crashes. The doomed passengers are herded off the plane into the future, and replaced with dummies. The dummies get to experience the crash, while the passengers are frozen for some reason known only to the Big Computer.

This scheme goes well until someone leaves a piece of future tech on an airplane, and an NTSB investigator finds it....

This novel was also made into a half-decent movie, which was fairly faithful to the storyline. Except the movie comes off as parody, where the novel really isn't.
Also the name of a gourmet vegan restaurant in San Francisco (McAllister, between Larkin and Hyde). Nice if you're on a special date, but a little pricey for every-day digs. The food is good, but a plebeian such as myself can't appreciate the finer things in life. I prefer cheaper fare that comes in larger servings.

Their website has all the details: http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com

A science fiction novel by Ben Bova. It's a great read, and features one of Bova's more used characters, Chet Kinsman. If you've read any of Bova's previous novels, you'll like this one. May remind fans of his newer books, Moonrise and Moonwar. I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but here's a synopsis from the back:

In a thriving colony far beneath
the ancient crater-marked crust of the Moon
the Russians and the Americans joined
together to launch the most daring offensive
ever against Earth in a desperate attempt
to save Man from himself...

Chet Kinsman
The American Chief had a daring
plan to avert the threatened war on Earth;
but he had only a handful of men-
and he hadn't counted on one of them being a traitor!

Ellen Berger
Had made the mistake of falling in love
with a man who loved his country enough to
risk death to try to save it!

Colonel Leonov
Commander of Lunagrad, the Russian sector of
Moonbase Selene, was a cool man under pressure...
until politics threatened to make sword enemies
out of his closest friends!

Mil*len"ni*um (?), n. [LL., fr. L. mille a thousand + annus a year. See Mile, and Annual.]

A thousand years; especially, thousand years mentioned in the twentieth chapter of Revelation, during which holiness is to be triumphant throughout the world. Some believe that, during this period, Christ will reign on earth in person with his saints.


© Webster 1913.

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