Frank Black is a character on the acclaimed TV show Millennium created by Chris Carter of The X-Files fame.

Frank is a retired FBI agent who specialized in criminal profiling. It was a profession he excelled at due to his unique ability to literally "see inside the mind of a killer."

After moving to Seattle with his wife Catherine Black and daughter Jordan Black, he offered his services to the local police department via the Millennium Group, an organization that said pre millennial fever was responsible for the increase in crime.

As a result of his submersion into the Group he separated from his wife. He eventually came to the realization that the Millennium Group were dangerous people who eventually would unleash a deadly virus that would kill both his wife and his friend, Lara Means.

After Catherine's death, Frank and Jordan moved to Falls Church, Virginia, where he resumed work for the FBI and was teamed with the inexperienced Emma Hollis.

Emma eventaully betrayed his trust and joined the Group. Soon after Frack left his job and his home with his daughter, the reason probably linked to a folder full of information given to him by Peter Watts.

After leaving the FBI for a second time, Black became embroiled in a custody battle (with his wife's family) for Jordan. He had himself admitted to a psychiatric institution for assessment, to counter their claims that he had a "millennial obsession" which would make him an unfit guardian. Around Christmas, 1999, he was approached by two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who wanted his help on a case involving the Millennium Group and the seeming reanimation of group members who had committed suicide. Initially refusing to get involved, he lent them cryptic clues and eventually helped save Agent Mulder, who was trapped in a basement with the walking dead.

(source: The X-Files, episode: "Millennium")

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