The Name for Linkin Park's first remix album, officially released on July 30th 2002. The album contains lots of remixes from their way-too-popular album Hybrid Theory. The tracks have been remixed by a lot of underground hip-hop artists, which isn't very reassuring.

Guest vocalists include KoRn's Jonathan Davis and StainD's Aaron Lewis.

Now for a meaty track listing (sic):

  2. PTS. OF. ATHRTY - Jay Gordon
  3. ENTH E ND - Kutmaster Kurt feat. Motion Man
  4. CHALI
  5. FRGT/10 - Alchemist feat. Chali 2na
  6. P5HNG ME A*WY - Mike feat. Stephan Richards
  7. PLG.4 MIE HAED - Zion I
  8. X-ECUTIONER STYLE - X-ecutioners feat. Black Thought
  9. H! VLTAG3 - Evidence feat. Pharaohe Monch
  11. WITH>YOU - Chairman Hahn feat. Aceyalone
  13. PPR:KUT - Cheapshot & Chewbacca feat. Rasco & Planet Asia
  14. RNW@Y - Backyard Bangers feat. Phoenix Orion
  15. MY_DSMBR - Mickey P feat. Kelli Ali
  16. STEF
  17. BY_MYSLF - Josh Abraham & Mike feat. Steph
  18. KYUR4 TH ICH - Chairman Hahn
  19. 1STP KLOSER - Humble Bros. feat. Jonathan Davis
  20. KRWLNG - Mike feat. Aaron Lewis

After listening to a few tracks, I can safely say it is .....ok. Much better than Limp Bizkit's pathetic attempt last year in the form of New Old Songs. Fans of Linkin Park beware though - it's a helluva lot of difference between Hybrid Theory and this.

Re*an"i*ma"tion (?), n.

The act or operation of reanimating, or the state of being reanimated; reinvigoration; revival.


© Webster 1913.

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