Artist: Limp Bizkit
Genre: nu-metal
Label: Universal/Interscope

A remix album that was released in December 2001 and featured remixes of old material from Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavoured Water by a variety of people including Josh Abraham, Timbaland, The Neptunes, DJ Premier, P. Diddy, William Orbit, DJ Lethal, Wes Borland, DJ Monk and Butch Vig. The album didn't experience much commerical success, mainly due to the hit-and-miss nature of the material on hand. Some of the remixes, such as The Neptunes's remix of N 2 Gether Now (entitled N 2 Gether Now (All In Together Now)) and P. Diddy's remix of My Way (cleverly titled My Way (The P. Diddy Remix)), worked really well whereas some of the others did not. Hopefully Limp Bizkit's next album will be better, although it may take awhile taking into account guitarist Wes Borland's recent departure from the band.

Track List:

  1. Nookie (For The Nookie)
  2. Take A Look Around
  3. Break Stuff
  4. My Way (The P. Diddy Remix) - Remixed by P. Diddy
  5. Crushed
  6. N 2 Gether Now (All In Together Now) - Remixed by The Neptunes
  7. Rearranged
  8. Getcha Groove On (Dirt Road Mix) - Remixed by Timbaland
  9. Faith (Fame Remix)
  10. My Way
  11. Nookie (Androids vs Las Putas Remix)
  12. Counterfeit (Lethal Dose Extreme Guitar Mix) - Remixed by DJ Lethal
  13. Rollin' (DJ Monk vs The Track Mack Remix) - Remixed by DJ Monk
  14. My Way (DJ Premier Way Remix)
  15. My Way (William Orbit's Mix) - Remixed by William Orbit
  16. My Way (Pistols' Dancehall Dub)


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