Name: Brian Welch
Band: Korn
Instrument played: 7-string Guitar
Nickname: Head
DOB: June 19, 1970
Marital Status: Married
Previous bands before Korn: Ragtime, LAPD

Wife: Rebekkah Welch
Daughter: Jennea Marie Welch

Brian was born in Torrance, California, on June 19th, 1970. He acts as one of the two guitar players for the band Korn, beside James Shaffer (Munky). Brian started to play guitar when he was very young (age has not been speicifed at the time of writing), and used to play with Munky during high school. Known to have a loud and obnoxious sense of humour (think Blink 182, without the girls), he is the one who always manages to cheer everyone else up in the band and give a sense of relief do Korn's mostly depressed and angst-ridden reputation.

Head befreinded James during his time at high school, who was also a budding guitarist like himself. With their new found friendship, they used to go over to each other's houses and compete with each other on their guitars. They both spent a lot of time doing this, always trying to come up with better riffs to beat each other,. This may probably go to some extent to explaining both their outstanding talents.

The first band Brian joined was called Ragtime, and it was here where he first met Reginald Arvizu (Fieldy), Korn's future bassist. Ragtime eventually split, and later on Reginald and vocalist Richard Moral went on to form LAPD with future Korn drummer David Silveria and Head's best friend James. At first, Head simply hanged out with the band, imfamously drinking all their beer. When LAPD were set to go on tour, Brian went along with them as they needed a second guitarist.

When Richard left the band, they needed a new vocalist. It was Brian and James who discovered Jonathan Davis in a bar one night, while watching a set for the band Sexart. Jon later joined in 1992.

Brian is still with the band ten years after their formation, and still continues to churn out complicated riffs on their albums. Head admits that he would be no good if it wasn't for his good friend and bandmate James, who he has been playing with for at least two thrids of his life. Jokingly, Head reffers to James as his "soulmate" as they are so alike.

Brian and James's sound has since evolved from their loud, downtuned guitars of the first two albums, their self-titled debut and Life is Peachy. Since Follow the Leader (and especially Issues, their fourth album), they have both turned to a more melodic side of their music, while still retaining their heavy sound. Distortion is used to full effect, and on their fifth and latest album Untouchables, it sounds as if one of them has picked up an acoustic guitar(!) for the first time on a Korn record.

Nickname Origin:

Not surprisingly, it is because of the sheer size of his head. He says that there isn't any hat that would fit on his head except for ones that can stretch over the top of his cranium. He tends not to wear things on his head anymore in public (probably because of that braided hair...)

Interesting facts:

  • The song lowrider on Korn's Life is Peachy album was recorded on Head's birthday as a joke, with Head singing. When they were impressed with the results, they decided to put it on the album.
  • Brian is known to drink a lot. Jon explains that whenever he goes into his hotel room, he would find beer cans all over the place. He also brings his own beer with him on tour, instead of just relying on what the tour crew get them.
  • When Brian's wife Rebekkah gave birth to their daughter Jennea, he refused to go overseas for their european Ozzfest appearnce in 1998. He refused to leave his family, and Korn never took another guitarist with them, thinking that no one could replace Brian.

The other members of Korn are:


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