Produced by Konami, this PlayStation game series combines the best of many themes. It is primarily an RPG, but features group and individual combat scenarios. As with all good epics, there is the running theme of good vs. evil. Characters are regularly confronted with certain ethical dilemas.

In addition to the aforementioned, the player gets to explore various aspects of community infrastructure as his/her kingdom evolves. (think WarCraft/StarCraft)

Currently this series consists of Suikoden I and II. Suikoden III is anticipated to be released in late 2001.

Both I and II involve the main character having to recruit 108 companions in a mission to overthrow incredibly ruthless forces. Along the way these companions encounter numerous villains, challenges and puzzles. There's also a healthy smattering of weirdos, strange occurrances and humorous dialog. Several of the characters in Suikoden I come back in Suikoden II. And depending on the player's success, each Suikoden has different multiple endings.
For Iron Chef fans, you'll love the competition spoofs in Suikoden II!!! Enjoy.

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