A band that has gone through some changes. Originally a skate punk band, they have transitioned into pop punk. It really shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that has listened to all their albums. They have been heading that way for a while. Many people claim they have sold out, others claim they have half-sold out. IMHO I think they fight it by keeping true to their insane antics, but their music has lost most of its punkness. (Is that a word?)

The bands name was originally Blink, until it was brought to their attention that there was already a band named Blink. They got threatened with a lawsuit. At this point they added 182 onto their name. Why 182? Possible reasons:

  • Mark's ideal weight
  • the case number for when Blink-182 raped their neighbor's horse
  • the number of times Mark has masturbated (lube) to the paused image of Princess Leia in the Jabba slave girl outfit
  • the number of times Tom has masturbated (dryskin) to the image of the puppeteer dwarf inside Jabba's tail
  • the number of talk shows Scott watched this last summer involving club kids
  • Stolen from the movie Turk 182
  • If you add 1 and 8 together, you get 9. If you subtract 2 from 8, you get 6. Reverse them and you get 69
  • A story as told by Mark: "My grandfater was on a destroyer in WWII, and a Japanese zero kamakazi'd it, and it sank. My grandfather and five other men got to a liferaft whose number was 182. They survived at sea for ten days until they were rescued. They were the only ones who survived, becuase of the lifeboat, and they all got tattoos of the number 182 on their arms."
  • not to mention various stories of "how many times so and so says fuck in some gangster movie", a common example involves Al Pacino in Scareface
To quote the band "Who the fuck knows?" The band has perpetrated some of the myths and added fuel to the fire of others, but in the end the real reason is that there is no reason. This may be complete rumor, but according to one web site, that I can't find right now, the boys originally formed a mariachi band called El Cuatro and the Cajones.

In my personal opinion Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat are their best albums, I can't decide between the two. There are some really great songs on both. Dude Ranch is what brought my attention to this band, but it also brought the attention of major labels. My personal favorite song is Josie off Dude Ranch.

I went to see these guys for the my second time at the Kiel Center here in St. Louis after Enema of the State was released. I had lousy seats. They weren't serving beer. Fenix TX opened. Bad Religion played second (I don't think 2/3 of the people there listened to them, maybe half didn't even know who they were until they played 21st Century Digital Boy, but they rocked, and I enjoyed it). Blink 182 played all their songs fast and punk-like. I think it left many johnny-come-lately fans stunned. At 26 I think I would have been the oldest person there for the music (as opposed to being brought by their kids) except one of my friends with me was 32. I also think many people were stunned by Blink 182's antics. For the price of one ticket to this show I got four to a Less Than Jake show. Bad Religion almost made it worth the cost.

A question: Has anyone ever heard Travis talk?

The band:
Tom Delonge - guitar, vocals
Mark Hoppus - bass, vocals
Scott Raynor - drums (1993 - 1999?) (left after Dude Ranch)
Travis Barker - drums (1999? - ) (formally of The Aquabats)
Budda -- Kung Fu Records (1994)
Cheshire Cat -- Cargo Records (1995)
Dude Ranch -- Cargo Records (1997)
Enema of the State -- MCA Records (1999)
Dick Lips -- Grilled Cheese Records (1998)
Wasting Time -- Rapido Records (1996)
Fly Swatter -- self-released (1993) under the name Blink

info gathered from allmusic.com, the blink web site, fan sites, and me.
The list of false reasons for 182 is from http://www.angelfire.com/sd/caitlinj2/, but I already knew all, but two.

A word about the sheer stupidity of these guys and their antics. Do we have to be serious all the time? Nope. These guys are what happens when movies like Dumb and Dumber are popular. Is there anything wrong with that? No. As long as a person stays balanced why can't they let go and get stupid sometimes? (Ok so I'm just defending/rationalizing why I like these guys, I'll shutup now)

Blink-182 is a very popular high-school-punk-ish band. They started off as a high school band in Poway, CA (in San Diego County) known as Blink. After putting out their first album, Cheshire Cat, in 1995, some random Irish band claimed they had previous rights on the name Blink and threatened a suit. Before the next album, Dude Ranch, they changed to Blink-182. Cheshire Cat was a great album -- but I probably only say that because I grew up listening to it all the time in high school. There was nothing better to play driving around with friends in Encinitas after the rest of the town had gone to sleep (around 9:30pm). My first copy of Cheshire Cat just said Blink, without the 182, but since then I gave it away and got a new one with the 182.

Their early sound is reminiscent of NoFX, Green Day, and PennyWise. It's generally characterized by fast guitar and kinda whiny vocals, usually singing about the injustices of adolescence. It doesn't feel bitter, though -- it's more playful than anything else. Their albums have random comedic interludes, adding to the feel of three punk kids playing around in a recording studio.

We used to hear Blink on the radio all the time in San Diego. By 1997, Dammit, the first single off "Dude Ranch", got picked up for huge airplay by KROQ in LA, Live 105 in San Francisco, and a few other Modern Rock stations around the country. Suddenly they were a nation-wide sensation. They've put out two more records since: Enema of the State and The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back.

Since then, they've appeared everywhere, getting air play on all kinds of stations everywhere (I think every station in the Bay Area has played a Blink song at one time or another). They're getting huge press, they're all over MTV, in the movies (e.g. American Pie) -- in short, they're pop superstars. Call it selling out, if you've got a stick up your butt, but if you were some punk kid from a San Diego suburb offered unbelievable fame and fortune to do what you've always done for fun in your garage anyway, you'd have to be some kind of fool to turn it down.


Here is the complete Blink 182 discography as of the 24th of June, 2001. Please /msg for additions or changes.
(Compiled from various fan sources as the official website fails to be of any use.)

Kudos to Chrono who has already noded the lyrics to most of these songs.


In reverse-chronological order by first release date.
Blink 182
(Original release: 18 November, 2003)
©2003 Geffen Records
  1. Feeling This
  2. Obvious
  3. I Miss You
  4. Violence
  5. Stockholm Syndrome
  6. Down
  7. The Fallen Interlude
  8. Go *
  9. Asthenia
  10. Always
  11. Easy Target
  12. All Of This
  13. Here's Your Letter
  14. I'm Lost Without You
  15. Anthem Part II

* Only featured on some releases.

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
(Original release: June 12, 2001)
©2000 MCA Records

  1. Anthem Part 2
  2. Online Songs
  3. First Date
  4. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
  5. Story Of A Lonely Guy
  6. The Rock Show
  7. Stay Together For The Kids
  8. Roller Coaster
  9. Reckless Abandon
  10. Everytime I Look For You
  11. Give Me One Good Reason
  12. Shut Up
  13. Please Take Me Home

Hidden Tracks: See the Take Off Your Pants And Jacket node for information regarding the hidden tracks.

Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)
(Original release: November 7th, 2000)
©2000 MCA Records

  1. Dumpweed
  2. Don't Leave Me
  3. Aliens Exist
  4. Family Reunion
  5. Going Away To College
  6. What's My Age Again?
  7. Rich Lips
  8. Blew Job
  9. Untitled
  10. Voyeur
  11. Pathetic
  12. Adam's Song
  13. Peggy Sue
  14. Wendy Clear
  15. Carousel
  16. All The Small Things
  17. Mutt
  18. The Country Song
  19. Dammit
  20. Man Overboard
Enema of the State
(Original release: June 1, 1999;
'Clean Version' released October 5, 1999;
'Limited Edtion Import Bonus CD' released March 28, 2000;
'Japan Bonus Tracks' released July 11, 2000)
©1999 MCA Records
  1. Dumpweed
  2. Don't Leave Me
  3. Aliens Exist
  4. Going Away to College
  5. What's My Age Again?
  6. Dysentery Gary
  7. Adam's Song
  8. All the Small Things
  9. The Party Song
  10. Mutt
  11. Wendy Clear
  12. Anthem

Dude Ranch
(Original release: June 17, 1997)
©1997 MCA Records

  1. Pathetic
  2. Voyeur
  3. Dammit
  4. Boring
  5. Dick Lips
  6. Waggy
  7. Enthused
  8. Untitled
  9. Apple Shampoo
  10. Emo
  11. Josie
  12. A New Hope
  13. Degenerate
  14. Lemmings
  15. I'm Sorry
Cheshire Cat
(Original release: 1994/1995)
© Cargo Music
  1. Carousel
  2. M + M's
  3. Fentoozler
  4. Touchdown Boy
  5. Strings
  6. Peggy Sue
  7. Sometimes
  8. Does My Breath Smell?
  9. Cacophony
  10. TV
  11. Toast and Bananas
  12. Wasting Time
  13. Romeo and Rebecca
  14. Ben Wah Balls
  15. Just About Done
  16. Depends
(Original release: 1994)
©1994 Kung Fu Records
  1. Carousel
  2. TV
  3. Strings
  4. Fentoozler
  5. Time
  6. Romeo and Rebecca
  7. 21 Days
  8. Sometimes
  9. Degenerate
  10. Point of View
  11. My Pet Sally
  12. Reebok Commercial
  13. Toast and Bananas
  14. The Girl Next Door
  15. Don't


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