Anything which lubricates can be referred to as a "lube". This includes baby oil, K-Y jelly, vegetable oil, air, water, Duckhams, Castrol; if it helps things move in, through, or around more easily? Lube.

And my personal favorite: aloe vera.

Positive factors include

  1. ease of use
  2. slipperiness
  3. soothing aftereffect
Aloe vera is usually packaged in either a plant (not easy to use at all) or a squeezeable container. In the latter case, uncap, squeeze out a healthy dollop, and smear on area to be lubricated.

When at room temperature (or chilled...refrigerate and use during the summer for an exciting surprise) it is almost frictionless, and viscous enough to allow quite a bit of frisky action before reapplication is necessary.

As anyone who's felt the results of aloe vera on a sunburn knows, it is marvelously soothing on irritated skin. Lube is used to soothe and prevent irritated skin. You do the math.

Negative factors include

  1. scent
  2. flavor
Aloe vera has a distinctive scent of leafy, plantlike odor. It may not be the romantic fragrance your lover wants spread over his or her tender parts.

It's not the tastiest stuff. In fact, it may be bad to ingest...I've never checked. Wash all coated surfaces before licking.

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