Introduced in 1991 by Mayer Laboratories, Aqua Lube is apparently intended as a market companion to the company's Kimono line of condoms. Mayer Labs seems to be marketing the product to mainstream retail outlets, OB/GYN practices, student health centers, and safer sex programs. It has become quite easy to find in shiny well-lit places, making it a favorite of those who don't like, or can't get into, creepy sex toy stores.

From the package:
"Aqua Lube enhances sexual pleasure by adding to the body's natural lubrication. Aqua Lube®'s special water-based formula is safe, non-staining, odorless, mild tasting and can be used with latex condoms."

Purified Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Flavor, Citric Acid, Monammonium Glycyhizate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Methyl Paraben.

Aqua Lube came highly recommended by one very helpful Babe at Toys in Babeland's Seattle store. Everything about it seemed perfect: very long-lasting, silky, fairly thick, and pleasant tasting. Our sassy lube consultant assured us that it was the best, and in her opinion the "closest thing to real girly juices." (Well okay, if you set aside for a moment that real girly juices don't taste like vanilla frosting...) Her demonstration of the stringy properties of the lube sealed the deal.

Aqua Lube is just about everything a good water-based lube should be. It is, of course, latex safe; and unlike the silicone-based lubes -- like Wet Platinum -- it won't hurt your silicone sex toys. It bests other water-based lubes by staying nice and slippery for a long time. Aqua Lube doesn't get sticky quickly, as many other water-based lubes do. And if you add a few drops of water, saliva, or more lube, it lasts long enough for just about anything you can think of. Since it's water-based though, it won't do anything for you in the bathtub or shower.

Unfortunately there is one thing about Aqua Lube that lasts too long: the smell. Not that it's necessarily a bad smell... we all like holiday cookies, don't we? It's not a very sexy smell, really... but to each his own, right? Cookie flavored genitals could be kind of cute! Except for one thing: in our experience the odor of Aqua Lube lingered in the room for quite a long time after use. If the discretion of your liaison is paramount, either be prepared to launder everything, or choose a different lube. Clean-up is generally a breeze, except for the cookie smell, which lingered even after a warm water wash-up.

FWIW Aqua Lube is mentioned in the (*cough*) Third Eye Blind song Losing a Whole Year.

N.B. An unrelated marine product called AQUA-LUBE -- which may or may not enhance your sexual pleasure -- is a thick water- and oxygen-proof grease used to "service valves & equipment using 100% oxygen or oxygen enriched gases nitrox or trimix or general breathing valves for high quality operations" .

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