The new line of supafly juice drinks from Jones Soda, the best little liquid refreshment company this side of the Kuiper belt.

Currently, six Jones Juice flavors are available:

  1. Fu Cran Fu (Grapeseed extract - 120mg)
  2. Dave (Hemp - 1000mg, Ginseng - 120mg, Royal Jelly - 6mg)
  3. Berry White (Creatine - 60mg, Taurine - 150mg)
  4. Black (Kava Kava - 300mg, Valerian Root - 150mg, Lemongrass - 90mg)
  5. Purple Carrot (Damiana - 60mg, Ginseng - 120mg, Saw Palmetto - 90mg)
  6. Limes wih Orange (Ginkgo Biloba - 60mg, L-Arginine - 90mg, Ginseng - 120mg)
  7. D'Peach Mode (?)
In keeping with their habit of creating very unique, very tasty beverages, Jones has formulated each of their juice drinks with various herbs, vitamins, stimulants, etc. If your local grocery store or convenience store carries Jones Juice, I highly recommend trying it out. Yum.

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