Herb found in Mexico and throughout the Southwestern United States, known as "Mormon Tea".

One of the best female-specific aphrodisiacs, it tends to be generally hemp-like in its general action when smoked by either sex. In this form, since it's both legal and fairly innocuous, it's a great way to indulge an younger, inquisitive cousin -- "this is how being high feels..."

Its female action occurs when the herb is taken as a gently fragrant tea: it's similar to scopolamine in loosening tongues, inhibitions, and general what-have-you, but more relaxing. Intercourse under damiana is greatly enhanced, and for this reason, in the form of the soft drink Niagara, it's been called "romance in a bottle".

Da`mi*a"na (?), n. [NL.; of uncertain origin.] Med.

A Mexican drug, used as an aphrodisiac.

There are several varieties derived from different plants, esp. from a species of Turnera and from Bigelovia veneta.

Wood & Bache.

© Webster 1913.

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