"Divine Cow"--damos: cow, ox?

Continental Celtic Pantheon

"Divine Cow"--which would make her similar to the Irish goddess Boann, whose name also means "Divine Cow". Damona was usually the consort of the god Borvo, usually identified with Apollo. However, at the temple at Alesia, her consort is Apollo Moritsages, and they are associated with a healing spring nearby. As "Borvo" means "to boil", they are likely the same god under different apellations. At any rate, she was associated not only with the cow, but, like Boann, with springs and water.

If she is identified with Boann, Apollo Moritsages may not be her consort but her son, as Oengus mac ind-Og was the son of Boann, and is often identified with Apollo. This would also make Damona similar to Matrona, goddess of the Marne River, and mother of the god Apollo Maponos.

She was mainly worshipped in Burgundy, France, and inscriptions attribute to her the ability of prophecy in dreams.

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