Celtic: "river"

Contintental Celtic Pantheon.

Goddess of the Black Forest (and of a mountain in the Black Forest), rivers, and childbirth; her name is thought to be the ancestor of the modern Avon (Welsh afon: river). At the Roman baths at Badenweiler, there is an alter which refers to her as Dianae Abnobae, thus indicating that she likely was also goddess of the hunt.

Abonae was also the name of a Roman town at the mouth of the Avon, northwest of Aquae Sulis. It is likely that worship of Abnobae the Huntress was widespread, though under differing names (see Artio, for example).

Mt. Abnoba is a mountain in the Black Forest, Germany, and is the origin of the Danube. This is significant, as the Danube takes its name from the Celtic goddess Danu, mother of the gods (Tuatha Dé Danann). Her association with rivers would then be logical--she may have been identified with Danu, or perhaps even the mother of Danu (hence the association with childbirth).


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