Luvox (fluvoxamine maleate) is an antiobsessional SSRI, related to Prozac in approximately the same way a sweet gherkin is related to a Kosher dill. It is generally prescribed to treat Obsessive-compulsive disorders, especially mild cases (shadow syndromes) that present primarily as depression.

Although not as strong as Prozac, it does have certain side effects in common, and use of it in combination with Valium, Seldane, Hismanol, or MAO inhibitors is contraindicated. Common side effects include nausea. Less common is anorgasmia.

It is also prescribed occasionally at 200 mg/day as a smoking cessation aid.

Columbine shooter Eric Harris was taking Luvox at the time. I do not believe the drug was related to the events that took place that day, but, rather, that the illness that led to him being treated was a contributing factor. I was taking Luvox at the same time, and I didn't kill anyone. I did, however, sleep well for the first time in years, and quit worrying about social faux paus. (later) I have been informed that hallucinations are a possible side effect as well. I didn't notice, but I see a lot of shit that may or may not "really" be there in any case...

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