The history of aphrodisiacs (and a reason to feel sorry for tigers)

Ever since the dawn of the Neolithic Age and the agricultural society, the concept of aphrodisiac has existed- the food, drink, or potion that promises love and virility. The word "aphrodisiac" was coined after Aphrodite- the Greek (and later Roman) goddess of sex and love. This idea could manifest itself in many ways- whether it be the tell tale traces of powdered Rhino horn slipped in the goblet of a loved one or the consumption of chocolate for added stamina, or even the boiled intestines of a cat, as practiced in some Asian cultures! Tigers were also known to lose their manhood for the sake of human love.

Ancient practitioners of medicine actually developed several lines of reasoning for what qualified as an aphrodisiac. If the substance was extremely rare or exotic, it was an aphrodisiac. The more closely the ingredient resembled a sexual organ (penis, testicles, vulva, breasts) the stronger its power over the libido. This belief held for centuries... until the dawn of the global economy. When tomatoes and coffee were available everywhere, they slowly began to lose their appeal and placebo effect on the pre-Viagraculture. Research also had something to do with it: Casanovian staples such as spanish fly and rhino horn were laughed at in the scientific community, making the use of aphrodisiacs a faux pas.

We agree today that there is nothing out there to turn you into Ron Jeremy or Jenna Jameson with a single gulp, but there are quite a few arguments for the most recent aphrodisiacs such as oysters, avocadoes, and raspberries. They're good for you, low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Eating such a diet would yield a healthy body and blood flow, the ingredients needed for a peak sexual experience and a mind blowing orgasm. And while there is no connection between the appearance of the ingredient with a sex organ and its power... who cares? Feeding your lover grapes and honey can still weaken their knees and think of you as a sweet caring lover... which is what you wanted in the first place. Food might not have a direct effect, but the romantic ambiance created will. And that's whats important.

Some aphrodisiacs that will make your lover swoon:

Chocolate (do you even need to ask ? The Aztecs and Mayans were the first to recognize how potent chocolate was. Montezuma himself was known to drink 60 cups of chocolate a day to better service his harem of 600 women. In the Mayan empire, payment for a night at the brothel might consist of a handful of cocoa beans. And the '90s average of cocoa beans consumed each year was 600,000 tons. That's saying something.

Asparagus- A favorite of that old Hollywood sex symbol Richard Burton, asparagus is a beautiful phallic symbol.

Coffee might sound banal- after all, most of us do drink a huge cup of joe every day. But the excitement here is in simply enjoying the deep rich smell and the dark flavor of the coffee bean- because after all, most of us sip it down before work as part of a daily ritual. Coffee can perk you up for the office... and other indoor sports.

Grapes are simply a Dionysian pleasure. Their pleasure is in the erotic texture of the grape- close your eyes. Feel it. Taste it. They are both sensual and romantic.

Strawberries - see above. A most fun game it to dip the berry in chocolate, and swirl it, and then... I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Honey is cited in the Kama Sutra , the Bible , and even by Hippocrates, who recommended it in the 5th century B.C. Gold and sticky and sweet, there are many possibilities for honey.

Oysters Recommended by Casanova himself... how can you go wrong? Some see the closed shell as the male testes. Low in fat and high in zinc, a key ingredient for testosterone production.

Avocado Because of its almost unmistakable resemblance to the male testes, Mayan girls were forbidden to go outside when this lush fruit was being picked. Full of oils and good fats.

Spirits As old as Bacchus himself. Alcohol and all of its concoctions shed doubts, fears, and restraints that a lover might have about trying something out. But please, go with caution when you use libations! You do not want to make your lover do something he or she will regret.

Using Aphrodisiacs

You may want to make it obvious that you are using aphrodisiacs to woo her (or him), which is a very romantic thing to do. But you do not have to use one aphrodisiac at the time, or use it raw, for that matter. Experiment! Have fun! Try oysters for an appetizer,chicken with a light wine sauce as an entree, asparagus on the side, and chocolate covered strawberries and coffee for dessert to hit all the bases. Oh- and don't forget to set the mood otherwise. Just because you're getting the blood flowing is NOT an excuse for bad hygeine. Not only will your lover reward you for being romantic, you will get creativity points as well. And remember to say thanks to me once you're having a rocking good time!

Aph`ro*dis"i*ac (#), Aph`ro*di*si"a*cal (#), a. [Gr. pertaining to sensual love, fr. . See Aphrodite.]

Exciting venereal desire; provocative to venery.


© Webster 1913.

Aph`ro*dis"i*ac, n.

That which (as a drug, or some kinds of food) excites to venery.


© Webster 1913.

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