Like all of the Vedas, the Kama Sutra, or "codes of sensual pleasure" was issued forth from the mouth of Brahma at the beginning of creation. He heard them from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and in turn taught them to Manu, Brihaspati, and Nandi.

Manu set aside the verses concerning civic virtues and ethics, thus compiling the Dharma Shastra, and Brihaspati those on politics, economy, and prosperity in order to compile the Artha Shastra. Nandi, the companion of Lord Shiva, set aside the verses concerning sense pleasure and sexuality, thus compiling the Kama Shastra.

The great sage, Vyasadeva, put all of the Vedic literature into writing approximately five thousand years ago, including the Kama Shastra, and subsequently divided the tree of Vedic knowledge. However, this shastra, being divided into many parts, was almost lost until it was recompiled by the brahmana sage Vatsyayana during the Gupta period, or about 300CE. The result was the famed Kama Sutra; although commonly presented to us westerners in the format of an exotic sex manual, the actual unabridged Kama Sutra gives us a rare glimpse into the sexual understanding of ancient Vedic India.

(See also: Hindu Scriptures.)

An Index to the Kama Sutra, E2 edition
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Preface to the Kama Sutra

Part 1
Chapter 1: Preface
Chapter 2: On the Acquisition of Dharma, Artha and Kama
Chapter 3: On the Arts and Sciences to be Studied
Chapter 4: The Life of a Citizen: On the Arrangements of a House, and Household Furniture; and about the Daily Life of a Citizen, his Companions, Amusements, etc.
Chapter 5: About the Kinds of Women Resorted to by the Citizens, and of Friends and Messengers

Part 2
Chapter 1: Kinds of Sexual Union According to Dimensions, Force of Desire or Passion, Time, and on the Different Kinds of Love
Chapter 2: Of the Embrace
Chapter 3: On Kissing
Chapter 4: On Pressing, or Marking, or Scratching with the Nails
Chapter 5: On Biting, and the Means to be Employed with Regard to Women of Different Countries
Chapter 6: Of the Different Ways of Lying Down, and the Various Kinds of Congress
Chapter 7: On the various ways of Striking, and of the Sounds appropriate to them
Chapter 8: About Women Acting the Part of a Man; and of the Work of a Man
Chapter 9: Of the Auparishtaka or Mouth Congress
Chapter 10: Of the Way How to Begin and How to End the Congress. Different Kinds of Congress and Love Quarrels

Part 3
Chapter 1: On Marriage
Chapter 2: Of Creating Confidence in the Girl
Chapter 3: On Courtship, and the Manifestation of the Feelings by Outward Signs and Deeds
Chapter 4: About Things to be Done Only by the Man, and the Acquisition of the Girl Thereby
Chapter 5: On Certain Forms of Marriage

Part 4
Chapter 1: On the Manner of Living of a Virtuous Woman, and of Her Behaviour During the Absence of Her Husband
Chapter 2: On the Conduct of the Elder Wife Towards the Other Wives of her Husband, and on That of a Younger Wife Towards the Elder ones. Also on the Conduct of a Virgin Widow Re-married; of a Wife Disliked by Her Husband; of the Women in the King's Harem; and Lastly on the Conduct of a Husband Towards Many Wives

Part 5
Chapter 1: Of the Characteristics of Men and Women, the Reasons Why Women Reject the Addresses of Men, About Men Who Have Success With Women, and About Women Who Are Easily Gained Over
Chapter 2: About Making Acquaintance With the Woman, and of the Efforts to Gain Her Over
Chapter 3: Examination of the State of a Woman's Mind
Chapter 4: About the Business of a Go-Between
Chapter 5: About the Love of Persons in Authority for the Wives of Other Men
Chapter 6: About the Women of the Royal Harem; And of the Keeping of One's Own Wife

Part 6
Chapter 1: Of the Causes of a Courtesan Resorting to Men; of the Means of Attaching to Herself the Man Desired; of the Kind of Man that it is Desirable to be Acquainted With
Chapter 2: Of Living Like a Wife
Chapter 3: Of the Means of Getting Money, Of the Signs of the Change of a Lover's Feelings, and Of the Way to Get Rid of Him
Chapter 4: About Re-union With a Former Lover
Chapter 5: Of Different Kinds of Gain
Chapter 6: Of Gains and Losses, attendant Gains and Losses, and Doubts; and lastly, the different kinds of Courtesans

Part 7
Chapter 1: On Personal Adornment; on Subjugating the Hearts of Others; and on Tonic Medicines
Chapter 2: Of the means of exciting Desire, and of the ways of enlarging the Lingam. Miscellaneous Experiments and Receipts
Chapter 3: Concluding Remarks

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