Ron Jeremy is one of the best known male porn stars of all time, although you wouldn't know it to look at him. He is instantly recognisable in the industry because of his moustache, oversize penis and large amount of back hair. He is known as 'the Hedgehog' due to his back hair and slightly plump figure.

Ron's life before porn:

Ron Jeremy Hyatt was born on the 12th of March, 1953 in New York. After finishing high school he attended Queen's College, gaining his master's degree. In the 1970's he had a job as a special education teacher at a high school in New York City.

Ron's destiny takes hold of him:

Ron had been involved in many small-time theatrical performances by this stage, but had not been involved in anything of a slightly more risqué nature just as yet. Ron's first exposure to 'the industry' came when his photo appeared in Playgirl magazine courtesy of his girlfriend.

The photo made Ron an instant hit with many of America's young women, who expressed their appreciation by flooding him with letters. However, also in the pile which arrived were some from producers in the area. At this stage the porn industry was in its infancy in New York, although it would soon start growing exponentially.

Ron's debut porn feature was his appearance with Samantha Fox in "Tigresses...And Other Man-Eaters", which was a modest success.

Eventually Ron stopped teaching and devoted all of his attention to his second career, which has turned out to be extremely lucrative; Ron has appeared in more than 1000 porn movies, and is still going strong. That much energy can only be called heroic; if it weren't for prophylactics we would have an entire generation of people fathered by one man.

Ron's career has also taken him behind the camera, and he has worked as a consultant on many Hollywood films involving soft porn, such as Boogie Nights and 9 1/2 Weeks. Other interesting facts include the fact that he signed Divine Brown (the woman who was caught with Hugh Grant on a Los Angeles freeway) for a feature, and that he has appeared on several mainstream films in cameo roles (such as Orgazmo).

Ron is also involved in performing as a comedian and his on stage performances have been well received. Probably the most controversial fact about Ron Jeremy is that he is able to give himself head, raising interesting questions about whether he is an example of human evolution or regression!

Key to understanding Ron Jeremy's success is that he is not arrogant, and has a great everyday sense of humor. In a world of arrogant male porn stars that are stunningly handsome, Ron stands out as an everyday guy that people can relate to.



Last fall I went to see the then newly released documentary based on the life of Ron Jeremy at the Angelika in Houston, Texas. My roommate and I thought it would be funny, but we weren't prepared when Ron himself showed up for a surprise question/answer period at the end of the documentary.

From what I can tell he's just a normal, goofy guy that just happens to be extremely well endowed. The sad thing is that he really wants to be considered a serious actor, and is earnestly trying to "break through" into mainstream theatre. He's actually been cast in a lot of successful films, but he gets cut at the last minute because of producer's demands.

The most memorable part of the whole documentary experience, other than the shivers I got from being within five feet of one of the dirtiest men alive, was a question posed by Ron's self-proclaimed "biggest fan":

"Ron, what should I do if I want to be a porn star like you?"

"Just be yourself!"

Yeah, but having an eleven inch penis can't hurt.

belgand says re Ron Jeremy: I would have to say that depending on the woman, or more appropriately, the woman's pelvis, an eleven inch penis could indeed hurt

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