Tarzan & Jane is one of the most frequently miscredited songs around. Everyone seems to think that this song is by Aqua, most likely due to the incredible similarity in sound to Aqua's Barbie Girl.

This song is actually by Toy-Box, a Danish dance/pop act consisting of Amir and Anila (who met at a party in 1996, and began their act shortly thereafter).

Now I have to admit something rather embarrassing. I don't listen to dance/pop, I never listen to dance/pop, yet, I love this song. I have a copy of it loaded into every player I own (car mp3 player, portable mp3 player, cd changer, and PC). I used to be embarrassed to play this tune in front of other people, but now I figure "What the hell", and play it no matter who is around.

The video to this song features both performers dressed up like Tarzan and Jane, both acting out all the lyrics (good video, although I have only seen it once).

Here is a little sample of what the lyrics are like. For complete lyrics try searching the internet.

Bold lines belong to Amir, normal lines belong to Anila.

(announcer) ...deep in the jungle in the land of adventure live Tarzan...

oh e yo e yay...
I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant.
my name is Tarzan I am jungle man.
the tree tops swing-a from jungle land.
come baby come I will take you for a swing.
let's go honey I'm tink-a-ling.

Tarzan is handsome Tarzan is strong.
he's really cute and his hair is long.
Tarzan is handsome Tarzan is strong.
so listen to the jungle song.

oh e yo e oh e yo e oh e yo e yay...
I am Tarzan from jungle you can be my friend.
oh e yo e oh e yo e oh e yo e yay...
I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant.

when you touch me I feel funny.
I feel it too when you're touching me.
come to my tree house to my party.
yes I'll go if you carry me.

This song originally appeared on the FanTastic CD (and more pop/dance complilations than you can shake a stick at). This was the only real hit from that disc, but most of the other tracks are similar in sound and overall catchyness of their tunes. This particular song just took off because of its concurrent release with the Disney Tarzan movie.

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