"Thong thursday! Ladies..if we can see your thong, you drink free all night long. Every thursday night at Cafe Iguana!"

A radio commercial I heard on my drive home....
What exactly is a thong? Imagine a strand of material that encircles your waist and another strand that attaches in the back, traveling down the crack of your buttocks and connects to a triangular patch which covers the genitalia and is attached the first strand of material mentioned.

A thong when worn properly is actually quite comfortable. Most who've never worn a thong often shudder at the horror of having a never ending wedgie, however those who have adorned these tiny pieces of butt-floss find that they are actually quite comfortable.

Some advantages of wearing thongs: Thongs are also worn by men. In fact, the first thongs were worn by male models in 1945 and can be seen in the photography of Bob Mizer.

Thong (?), n. [OE. thong, þwong, thwang, AS. þwang; akin to Icel. þvengr a thong, latchet. 57. Cf. Twinge.]

A strap of leather; especially, one used for fastening anything.

And nails for loosened spears, and thongs for shields, provide. Dryden.

Thong seal Zool., the bearded seal. See the Note under Seal.


© Webster 1913.

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