I ask you, merely as a disinterested outside observer, to please stop annoying those with your inquiries about its availability.

Thank you... Have a nice day. Would you be interested in some leftover MEEPT!! coffee mugs? Priced to move!

I beg to differ, pingouin. The Everythong does not exist yet.

It's coming though. Sooner than you think.

Nate and dem bones will slowly start our dependency on them for things other than entertainment and (sometimes) information. After they have us all looking hip and happenin' in our new Everything T-shirts, they'll introduce the comfy Everything pajamas. Jeans embroidered with the Everything logo. Everything ball caps. We'll forget all about the malls.

They'll unobtrusively start selling us all of our hardware needs. Next will be food and drink. (Maybe they'll contract it out to thinkgeek so we can all buy our water joe.)

And then, when our dependency is at it's highest -- Everything Underwear. Boxers for the men, and everythongs for the women (and the kinky men). It will come in five stylish colours and will have the highest rated one-liner nodes silkscreened on it (who knows where?)

The Everythong is going to be a reality. Just you wait.

Update: Dec 11/02: Strawberry Frog informs me that Everythong now exists! Check it out at

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